PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - After multiple nights of rioting in the Kenton neighborhood in north Portland, many neighbors are fed up with the violence.

“It really feels like a war zone,” Marta, a neighbor in the area, said.

Marta, along with some of her neighbors said they are mentally and emotionally exhausted dealing with the violence that happens near the Portland Police Association each night.

Some of them are too terrified to sleep at night for fear of what might happen.

“You come to the United States to feel safe and all of a sudden it’s like you’re in some war - very unsettled, very violent and very scary,” Marta said.

Her neighbor, Tina Henderson, has lived here for 17 years. She said her room fills with smoke each night from the fires set by rioters. She said it’s nearly impossible to sleep at night.

PPA Neighbor Concerns

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“It’s scary. We’re not sure what is going to happen and just the destruction. You know, if they were marching and so on, I’d be out there marching with them,” Henderson said.

The two women said they’re worried for their families and all of those who live in this neighborhood.

“In this city it was the city of roses and now it’s the city of a war,” Marta said.

Another neighbor, Alx Rosenberg, said he stands with the protesters and wants the focus to return to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“You have groups of maybe 10 people doing damage to the PPA building or setting fires to dumpsters and it is a minority group of the protest, and the unfortunate part is that people are latching on to the supposed violence as opposed to raising questions on police brutality and standing up for Black lives,” he said.

Henderson and Marta both begging city leaders to do something so that they can start to feel safe in their homes again.

“Of course I want the city to do more but I don’t know what the answer is, you know if I were the mayor I don’t know what I’d be doing,” Henderson said.

FOX 12 reached out to Mayor Ted Wheeler's office for comment, but have not yet heard back.

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(10) comments


WHY HAVEN'T YOU RECALLED YOUR MAYOR; DISTRICT ATTORNEY AND HARDESTY YET??? You've had 2 full months now. Get hundreds of Portland city residents and business owners and picket/protest at the STATE CAPITOL. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? THE FEDS DO NOT HAVE JURIDICTION!!! Its not Trump's responsibility. Its your Oregon politicians' responsibility and YOURS.


"Call in the national guard" Wheeler has already made that request multiple times. Brown won't because they spent weeks painting Federal officers as an occupying military force. Then would have the tenacity to call in the military aka national guard. I would die laughing at that level of hypocrisy! Especially, cuz this has the potential to be the next Tinnamen square. Watching this state burn to the silence of the leadership is proof of conspiracy to commit! Honestly, there needs to be a full on investigation into the actions of this states leadership! Correction, lack of actions of the leadership! Vilifying federal assistance to end these nightly attacks and refusing to stop them!

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

Enjoy the city YOU voted for


“Of course I want the city to do more but I don’t know what the answer is, you know if I were the mayor I don’t know what I’d be doing,” Henderson said.

We need MASS arrests every night, if they enter any facility shoot with real bullets to injure but not kill. Shotguns with birdshot to the legs..sorry dirt bag RIOTERS but you are asking for this. It will be the ONLY thing they understand. The RIOTERS need to feel pain! Real pain


They do arrest people. Unfortunately, they let them off without any punishment the next morning. It's not going to change until we start incarcerating marxists or the community stands up for the police in their community.

Just curious

I think one of these commenters said, "for the police to surround the group so they can't escape, and shoot any and all that would try to escape", then start handcuffing all." I may not have stated correctly just remembering the "surrounding them so they can't escape".


It IS A WAR zone!! I'm feel for all the residents who don't have any elected official that cares about them! Governor "It's Trumps Fault" Brown, Mayor Ted "Spineless Antifa Puppet" Wheeler, Commissioner Jo Ann "I Hate The Police" Hardesty, Commissioner Chloe "Let's Fine the Fed's for Blocking Bike Lanes" Eudaly, Commissioner Amanda "Short Timer Who Has No Voice" Fritz, Senators Wyden and Merkley who commented for two days out of 72 days of RIOTING to blame Trump and try to make Political points and finally Earl "I'll Think of Something to Blame the Republicans About" Blumenauer! These are the total list of losers who represent, protect and care about Portland law abiding taxpayers! I feel like I'm at a circus watching a bunch of stupid clowns. They have NO concern for us in Portland! Unbelievable what these dirt bag politicians are allowing to happen to the good people of Portland!! We all must get together and rid ourselves of these no counts! They don't give a tinkers dam about all of us! Write and call these failures and don't let up. They deserve all the anger and disgust we all feel. Their lives should be living he*l*l since that's what they've put upon us! Call and write..demand change, blister their phone lines. We pay their salaries, we can tell them what useless people they have become in our eyes. Push them, DEMAND (that's all Hardesty can do) that they act for Portland. Don't give them a day off from our anger.


Sorry, you are asking the wrong people for resolution. They already ran the "real" help out of town. It will take a bomb the likes of that went off in Beirut to wake up those idiots, then maybe you will see a change.


Whatever you call your groups that stand for "tearing down the system" you should know this,no one,outside of your micro size thought group supports anything near what you are asking for...it simply will not happen.

Minority communities as a whole overwhelmingly support the police and many even want additional law enforcement resources for their neighborhoods.

The truth is that the vast majority of Portlanders fully believe that Black Lives Matter.What they are NOT onboard with(like most all of America) is this perception that we must fully embrace collectivism in order to somehow "correct" our nations past...which in itself is a total slap in the face to every soul that died in our civil war.


“It really feels like a war zone,” Marta, a neighbor in the area, who has never been in a war zone, said.

Fixed that for you.

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