SKAMANIA COUNTY, WA (KPTV) – It fell through his windshield in an instant.

It was about 7:30 a.m. Monday when Jade Insko, from Camas, was driving east on SR 14 near Cape Horn.

That drive quickly turned into a nightmare.

“All of a sudden, my car just seemed to explode as this 37-pound rock flew through the windshield, smashed into the dashboard, and bounced directly into the passenger seat,” Insko said.

It was sudden with no warning.

Insko says it took him a second to figure out what had just happened, and he was worried that someone would hit him because he’d come to a complete stop in the road.

“I just pulled forward slowly with my hazards on, I couldn't see anything, I had glass in my face and eyes and a giant hole in my windshield,” Insko said.

He was able to pull over safely and realized that there was damage to the front of his car from what he says was other rocks that fell at the time.

The steering wheel was pushed into his lap from the force of the rock.

Amazingly, he only had small cuts and bruises and the rock didn’t hit him. No one else was in the vehicle. 

And after coming to grips with what happened and realizing that this could’ve had a much different outcome, Insko is now sharing his story. He thinks something needs to change in terms of safety along the SR 14 corridor.

“In some areas like Cape Horn, there are rock falls often, there are rocks on the road as you drive through there, and I feel like the department of transportation needs to do more for more public safety in those areas,” Insko said.

The Washington Department of Transportation says it’s continually monitoring slopes along SR 14 and advises drivers to call 911 if anyone notices falling rocks or debris in the road.

But Insko says that’s not good enough. He feels there should be more netting, knowing his narrow chances that could’ve rocked the future of his family.

“I feel like it's only a matter of time before there's a real tragedy,” Insko said.

Insko showed FOX 12 the nearly 40-pound rock at his home on Wednesday.

“You know it's something I'm going to keep definitely as a monument to how bad things could've been,” he said.

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