'It’s an attack': RV owners in Washington County upset over new parking laws

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Homeowners in urban areas of Washington County are frustrated with a new law that, they say, blindsided them.

The ordinance applies to recreational vehicles on residential streets within the “Enhanced Sheriff’s Patrol District.”

As of Jan. 1, RV owners can no longer park outside their home on the street for longer than four days in a month.

Mike Satterlee, who has lived in Aloha for 20 years, said parking his RV on the street has been a convenience for him for decades.

“I do work on it. I do clean it and maintain it, so it’s not like it’s convenient to be somewhere else. It needs to be here. This is where home is,” Satterlee said.

He said it’s why he moved to his neighborhood. There was no homeowner’s association or strict standards.

Satterlee told FOX 12 any alternative, like paying for storage, won’t work for him.

“I didn’t want to put it anywhere, because I want to keep it close to home because I use it once a month,” Satterlee said. “It was very frustrating.”

He found a sticker from Washington County on his RV on Thursday alerting him he’d need to find another spot for his RV. Deputies said the ordinance does not impact parking or storing on private property, so Satterlee decided to drag his trailer across his lawn where it sits now.

Two doors down from Satterlee, Mike Palmer faces the same situation.

“It’s an attack and a harassment of homeowners who want to park their RVs near their house, or on the street outside of their house,” Palmer said.

Deputies said as parts of unincorporated areas of Washington County have become more populated, both off-street and on-street parking has been reduced and that it's resulted in traffic safety concerns.

But Palmer said his trailer has been parked outside of his backyard on the street for years and neighbors have never had any issues. Now, he tells FOX 12 he has to cut down trees and make a gate to house his RV.

“Doesn’t affect anybody else’s property, except for the side of our street which is plenty wide for two cars to go down the street, even with the trailer,” Palmer said.

Deputies said their calls are often from frustrated neighbors who cannot easily see to back out of their driveway, or who are just tired of having the road partially blocked.

They also said provisions were made for temporary parking for pre and post-trip prep, but homeowners said four days isn’t enough.

“If I’m using it from weekend to weekend, I’m not even supposed to park it outside my house, clean it up, get it ready for the next week. I’ll be exceeding the mandate that they set,” Palmer said.

Deputies said they did accept public testimony before the new ordinance took effect.

They also said a month-long campaign was launched so homeowners would be prepared for the change.

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