PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Oregon Health Authority reported 259 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 in the state on Friday. That's a little lower than the seven day average of 265, and well below the daily case average OHA tracked earlier this month, but it's nowhere near the 60 or so cases Gov. Kate Brown said they need to see in order to reopen schools.

“To keep students, teachers and staff safe in our schools across the state, we need to see a much more rapid decline in case numbers," Brown said. "And we need to see it quickly."

The governor said there are two ways to do this. The first she said she’s more reluctant to do: order further shut downs of businesses like bars and restaurants. She said she also may have to implement travel restrictions.

Oregon gov. says schools can't reopen with current COVID-19 trends

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“Closing businesses across the state, like we did with the Stay Home, Save Lives order, works to control the virus but the economic cost is extraordinary,” Brown said.

The second way to quickly fight the virus, she said, comes in a call to action: the governor asks county officials, community and business leaders to lead by example, educate their communities and enforce her guidelines, like cracking down on social gatherings, which have been the source of outbreaks this summer.

“For example, we’ve heard from communities that local law enforcement are choosing not to wear their face coverings, not to wear their masks," Brown said. "This is absolutely unacceptable and I expect our law enforcement to follow the law. They need to do their jobs. We know that some community leaders, county leaders, elected leaders have pushed back and said they're not going to adhere to these guidelines. Again, we ask everybody to follow these safety guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all Oregonians.”

The governor said she’ll have to add more restrictions if the state cannot improve over the rest of the month. When FOX 12 asked if this meant she’s giving Oregonians a deadline of Aug. 31, Dr. Dean Sidelinger, the state epidemiologist, responded.

“To put a hard-and-fast line, to just move everyone back, I think would do a disservice," Sidelinger said. "The progress we’re making is slow. We know we can continue, and with additional people wearing their mask and following their guidance, we know we can get the numbers down even quicker."

OHA Dir. Pat Allen also announced a new partnership that would allow Oregon to process more than 20,000 tests each week. This agreement lasts through December, adding about 400,000 COVID-19 tests.

“Adequate testing is important to slowing the spread of COVID-19," Allen said. "If we cannot test people and get the results back quickly, we lose our ability to take steps to keep the virus at bay."

This partnership will help speed up results, and ensures the state has more capacity to test, as needed.

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(22) comments


Such hypocrisy. Mass amounts of protesters every night/day but no school? Even the staunchest supporters of Brown must see through this sham? Recall her.


'It’s still not enough': Oregon gov. says schools can't reopen with current COVID-19 trends' She needs to be sued for dispensing medial advice without a license.


Lets kick this recall campaign into overdrive. The tyrant queen needs gone.


There is an active recall petition. Search recall our dear governors name...

Eliza Cassan

no schools, no business, but protesting? fine!


Good keep the schools closed at least their not being taught by leftist teachers where they'll teach you about race repression and transgender...fact.


Nothing here but political agenda. The facts show that those under 75 and those without serious health issues are not at serious risk from contracting the virus. As our society treats all other viruses and sicknesses, only those individuals who are most vulnerable need take special precautions. Given this time proven approach, how is it that kids cannot go back to school? No, it is irresponsible and cruel to punish more than 98% of the population thinking it is protecting the 0.4% who might die if they contract the virus. The government's job is to protect our freedoms. It is each individual's job to protect their own health.


This is what you get when liberals own the ballot box.


What's next Katie everyone confined to their homes? Why do you feel Oregonians need to be punished so you can play politics with Trump? This is a scam and you leaders should be thrown from office! Riots, and a virus all in the name of defeating Trump. Gosh I hope he wins just to make you people look silly!

Frederick Fukov

Wait til Trump wins if you REALLY wanna see more riots. The difference is, once he gets re-elected, the gloves come off. He'll send in the regular military and those riots will end abruptly.

Husky Loyalist

As of 08/21/20 the mortality rate is a steady 1.69% of the cases in Oregon per the Oregon Health Authority (of which 92% are over 55 years old). This low mortality rate has been consistent for many weeks. So, what is the threshold for the ruler to declare it is safe for kids to return to school? This is nonsense and cruel. What is she going to do when the seasonal flu starts and the mortality rate is the same as we are experiencing today with the Coronavirus? In her mind school will never re-open.


Brown needs to be recalled and a formal investigation in to her actions needs to be done. We all know she's inflamed the numbers, cost Oregonians millions of jobs, through her actions cost people their businesses, ruined lives, intentionally let riots get out of control, then played a garbage political game with every intention to risk peoples lives, robbed 4.2 million Americans of their rights, etc. This covid scandal makes Enron look like a joke. All the garbage investigation into Trumps corruption, but no one is demanding one into Browns. Between Brown, Wheeler, and Hardesty conspiring to commit.

Frederick Fukov

Who's going to conduct the investigation? Ellen Rosenblum? Did Ellen investigate Kitzhaber? Look..the dems OWN this state. They're not about to investigate one of their own. The only way they investigate anyone is if it's a conservative. Why do you think Kate asked for Federal help with the Rancher-Militia Wannabes over in Malheur? If they had been liberals, they'd still be there. Same thing with what's going on in the streets right now. If it were Proud Boys out there, they'd all be in jail right now.


The sad part is that dose she not know that shutting people off from each other we are just going to get sick even more because of us not being around each other and it’s made are immune system down. Is she going to pay for the families that will not be apple to work if she shuts things down. I feel like she waits and sees what California governor and Washington governor do the decides to do it. She needs to stop shutting things down and let us be able To open things back up. Just wait to see what happens when winter comes more people are going to get sick because of the cold and flu season hits. She dose not fallow her own rules about the mask. When she dose these videos she needs to be waring one since she is in a building. Lot of people are getting upset and struggling because of her. Plus I feel like she is saying new covid cases to have people freak out and not see other things that have come to light with human trafficking and other things. She dose not care about the state or the people of this state. She needs to be out of office


Um I truly um hate this um woman. Um.


you and no doubt everybody outside the Portlandistan area hate her as well.

Mockingbird Media 2

I literally don't think she understands how viruses work.

You don't HIDE from viruses lady.

The only way this gets taken care of is by herd immunity. She is literally torturing the citizens by this slow-play bulls--t.


Um, this lady needs um to learn how to, um talk. In this interview, um when she talked on an issue, um that was not on, um the teleprompter every other word was UM. She is an embarrassment to Oregon in what she does and how she delivers.

The Truth Hurts

Dictator says what?


WHEN will this puppet just admit that she is KILLING the state of Oregon in hopes that Trump will lose in November? She does nothing until CA and NY tells her what she thinks. She is NOT for Oregon. Pathetic


Where a mask and everything is ok until you walk near a school or try to vote in person lol. Covid 19 survival rate in Oregon for those under 18: 100%


Recall the tyrant queen.

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