PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Rose City Coffee Co. was burglarized for fourth time in a little more than a year.

The owner of the coffee shop, Christie Gryphon, posted on social media Monday morning that her shop in southeast Portland had been broke into and burglarized overnight.

Gryphon has owned the shop in the Brooklyn neighborhood for about three years and says in the last year, crime has gotten out of hand with four break-ins at her shop.

Rose City Coffee Burg Again

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It's mostly plants and coffee beans inside the shop, so the break-ins and vandalism regularly add up to thousands of dollars in repair bills.

"They would just kind of destroy the place basically in a rushed manner," Gryphon said.

During the most recent break-in, the front windows of the shop were smashed, likely by a metal baton found inside the shop after the break-in.

"It was actually back here by my cash register," Gryphon told FOX 12.

Rose City Coffee Burg Again

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Like many other small businesses during COVID-19, all transactions are cashless so there's no money to take from the till.

"We don't keep cash on the premises," said Gryphon.

FOX 12 spoke with Gryphon just two hours after she discovered the break-in and she was still taking inventory of damage and possible stolen items.

A security camera, unfortunately, did not capture the suspect.

Gryphon says she is frustrated by repeated crime.

"It’s unfortunate. I don’t want to make this about me, a lot of people are going through this," Gryphon said. "The crime I’m seeing as a business owner is out of control right now. It would greatly help to have more police in the area, yes. I mean, that would definitely help."

The cost of doing business also meant that Gryphon closed Rose City Coffee Co. for the day.

In the meantime, regular customers popped in for their morning caffeine only to find nothing brewing.

"It's shocking cause this place is so cool. Why would anybody do that?" said Shura Fowler.

Rose City Coffee Co. is located at 3370 Southeast Milwaukie Avenue and will be back open for business Tuesday morning.

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(10) comments


It's unfortunate there are so many self righteous people in the world. If only it was as black and white as you all believe. Shame on you for passing such cruel judgment when you don't actually know her situation. Does she rent? Does she own? Can she actually just walk out of there and abandon her responsibility? Do you not think she has contemplated how to boost security? How is she to do this when she can't catch a financial break because of the last break in, and the one before that, and the one before that. Shame on you. But hey, keep up the judgment and advice, I'm sure she will listen.


It's unfortunate there are so many self righteous people out there that believe everything is so black and white. Shame on all of you for passing such judgment without considering the fact that you don't know her story. You don't know if she can sell now. You don't know the ways she has boosted her security. You don't know the stresses she is going through. But by all means, pass your judgment, I'm sure she will take it into consideration.


If you live in or near Portland, get used to this. Your leaders do not care about you or your homes and businesses. I have no pity on you. Move out of that cesspool and let it self destruct. it will be a blessing for all of Oregon when it does.


Top three most important things for a business: Location, location, location.

Time to abandon this one and open shop elsewhere.

Eliza Cassan

Fool me once...? Time to seriously upgrade security measures if they have any money left, sad story


So your blaming the victim for the work of a criminal? Unless you live in a jail, it is very difficult to stop someone from coming through your walls. Cars and trucks have been driving though walls, to break into buildings around town.


"the camera"? Why don't they have multiple cameras?


I bet she keeps voting for people like Ted and Joann. Maybe it is time to vote in some tough on crime individuals.




G O O D.

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