MILWAUKIE, OR (KPTV) - Kellogg Bowl in Milwaukie is closing down after 58 years in business.

The bowling alley’s owners and general manager announced the closure on Facebook, saying, “It has been a very difficult decision.”

They cited the extended closure orders issued by Gov. Kate Brown due to COVID-19.

“A business can not endure 10-12 months of closure and be expected to survive. We can not say that we did not try,” according to the post from Kellogg Bowl.

FOX 12 spoke with Kellogg Bowl’s general manager in late October, as the bowling alley prepared to reopen after shutting down due to the pandemic in March.

Kellogg Bowl in Milwaukie closes after 58 years

Kellogg Bowl, KPTV file image

Management had a plan for cleaning and social distancing measures upon reopening. However, on Nov. 13, Brown announced a statewide freeze that restricted businesses and activities statewide. As part of that freeze, all indoor recreational facilities and indoor entertainment activities were again shut down.

Under new risk-based guidelines implemented by the state at the conclusion of the freeze Wednesday, bowling alleys – along with gyms, all indoor recreational sports facilities and indoor entertainment establishments – will continue to be closed in Clackamas County, which is categorized as being under “extreme risk.”

“Your support and friendship through the years has been the heart of Kellogg Bowl. We will shed tears and share lots of memories. We appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to seeing you continue to enjoy this incredible sport and support the Centers that do survive this unprecedented Pandemic,” Kellogg Bowl posted on Facebook.

Owners and management said they are still sorting out closing details, including connecting people with their belongings stored in lockers.

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(15) comments

Son of Fukov

How many businesses have to close before you sheep all wake up. Kate is leading to to slaughter just like Kellogg Bowl. She knows exactly what she's doing. Kill all independent small business and force people to rely on the government. Then owns you. How many people are already in this situation? It became apparent to me when facing the amount to difficulty collecting recall petitions. Most people were happy with the status quo. Are you still happy? Your lives are being ruined.


Oregon's liberals have invited all of the nation's losers to come here. Comrade Brown is one of those losers, but that is the type of leadership liberals like. Unfortunately, they will destroy the entire state to keep people like her in office.

Husky Loyalist

I demand to know from the Salem geniuses how many COVID 19 deaths have happened from Bowling, gyms and restaurant establishments! They can't tell you because they don't have a clue of what they are doing. Also, tell us what percentages of the deaths are people under 70 years old. Two weeks ago it was 74%. Hardly a reason for shutting down schools, restaurants, gyms, bowling businesses. It is all contrived by the tyrants in Salem to control, control, control. You wait, at some point these dictators will pass another order that to buy, sale, attend school and to travel you must show your vaccination papers or you are SOL. Then they will make it a criminal act for just not having he vaccination. East Communist Germany all over again.


Sorry but Bowling is not a collectivist approved sport...


'Kellogg Bowl in Milwaukie closes after 58 years, citing continuing COVID-19 restrictions' This politically driven plandemic has brought out Kate Browns true colors. The colors of a tyrant.


It's all in the name of saving lives don't you people understand? HA HA.... Look around the country and see the Democrat Hypocrisy. Governors going on trips ignoring their own stay homes orders. This is totally about control people, you democrats vote these people in time after time so nobody to blame in this state except yourselves!


Someone will be picking these businesses up for pennies on the dollar. The donor class, perhaps?


Kate! What the heck are you doing? Do you even know? or care? Please stand down. You're a miserable failure. Go. Now. Hurry.


Yet more lies! Only thing that's killing this and other businesses is the illegal shutdowns and house arrest orders.

Kenny Rogers

You can't reason with Kate Brownstains. This is her mess.


Yep. And her hand picked state supreme court lets her get away with it.



Keep killing businesses! You're doing great!

Kellogg Bowl in Milwaukie closes after 58 years, citing continuing COVID-19 restrictions AND YOU! Canton Grill in Portland after 74 years , permanently closed because of YOU. Cheese Bar in Portland closing after more than 10 years because of YOU! But you haven't shut down or cut the state, county or city workforces! Why? Because you don't care about small Plain Don't Care!

Congratulations on your miserable evisceration of small business!


Our Governor, continuing to kill small businesses in Oregon!

Kenny Rogers

The one and only Kate Brownstains.


Kate the tyrant strikes again.

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