PORTLAND, OR (KPTV)- The governor announced the Key to Oregon Study about two months ago, to help navigate reopening the state. It involved randomly testing people in different communities for COVID-19.

With all of Oregon partially reopen, plus COVID-19 cases on the rise, Fox 12 wanted to check in and see how the study is going. 

The Key to Oregon Study is a partnership between the state and OHSU. The goal is to have 100,000 Oregonians participate during a 12-month period and monitor them for COVID-19.

As of last Friday, Fox 12 was told nearly 9,000 people have agreed to participate.

“I guess it was about a month ago that I got it,” Karen Miller said.

Miller lives in McMinnville. She received a letter and chose not to participate in the study, telling Fox 12 she didn’t want to share her personal information.

“I just think it’s an invasion of privacy, basically,” Miller said.

She also said she didn’t want to take her temperature daily.

“I didn’t really want to do it, because I don’t want my time taken up for an entire year, having to monitor myself and everything,” Miller said.

OHSU has yet to comment about the number of participants and what that could mean for the study, but a doctor with Oregon Health Authority spoke to Fox 12 about it Tuesday.

“I wish the enrollment were going a little bit quicker, but it is a pretty complex study, and these things take time, and I just think we have to understand that,” said Dr. Paul Cieslak with OHA.

He said the study is still an important one, that could prove more valuable as time goes on.

“We're very interested in data that can come from a study like this, where we really get a randomized sample of people from around the state to get a good picture of where are we in Oregon and an ongoing picture,” Cieslak said. “If disease rates ramp up, it’ll become more important to have a study like that.”

A spokesperson for OHSU said they’re hoping to get more information out about the study later this week. The spokesperson did say symptom monitoring and testing processes started up last week.

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(3) comments


Wonder how much this study is costing the Tax Payers. Another waste of money.


Ok, Karen Miller from McMinville. Enrolling in a medical study protects your identity 100x more than speaking to a news outlet. And my goodness, how dare anyone suggest you take 30 seconds a day to take your temperature!


This is the outcome when you have no leadership. It's the same situation in every city and state that is controlled by liberals. Instead of taking care of honest, working residents, they spend all their time protecting criminals and deadbeats.

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