PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - They may be small, but their message is mighty.

Hundreds of kids, parents, and teachers marched against police brutality in Portland on Thursday on the 15th night of protests for George Floyd.

The march moved through northeast Portland from Revolution Hall to Grant High School, with kids chanting “black lives matter” and calling for justice along the way.

Participants at point during the miles-long march took a knee and put their fists in the air, staying silent for nine minutes, the amount of time Floyd was held to the ground.

Parents said the demonstration was brainchild of middle school students, who organized everything. Frankie Moongordon, 13, was one of the kids who helped to organize the event.

“My brother is a person of color and I feel in my heart, I can basically project him onto any of the people were killed, or any of the people we don’t know who were killed,” Moongordon said. “In my heart it feels like if I don’t fight for him, who will?”

Leading the crowd of hundreds on Thursday, the impassioned 8th grader said the moment was historic, and she hoped it would help empower other kids who may feel powerless.

“It felt invigorating to see all the people behind me shouting it back,” Moongordon said. “and I think emotionally, we all feel really hurt, and honestly distrusting of the police.”

Moongordon said she’s happy to see a refueled focus on defunding Portland police and the removal of resource officers from her school.

“When the police are involved it escalates the situation that doesn’t need to be escalated,” Moongordon said.

Cheers erupted as the crowd on Thursday marched pass the Hollywood Theatre, which displayed the names of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.

One parent said he was proud to be marching with his kids.

“This is not their first march and I know it won’t be there last—we need to bring about justice,” he said. “The more difficult conversation is trying to tell my child why police are firing tear gas and rubber bullets at people.”

Kids at the march said black lives matter to everyone, no matter race or age, and said that this is just the beginning.

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(5) comments

Frederick Fukov

Apparently, only black on black crime matters.


The children can't go to school but they can get the teachers help to protest. What kind of garbage is this. As stated before the teachers that organized this should lose their jobs. Parents should not allow this either. Not a good precedent

Just curious

[thumbup] It's the teacher thing again.[scared]


Never to young to be exploited

Just curious

[thumbup] Maybe the parents should wise up and realize just how the teachers manipulate the parents children.

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