Kyron Horman age progression image

Family photo of Kyron Horman on left, age progression image of Kyron at age 14 on right released by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children on right. (KPTV)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The search for Kyron Horman will be featured on an episode of “In Pursuit with John Walsh” on the Investigation Discovery channel.

The segment is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. Wednesday, March 25.

Kyron was last seen at Skyline Elementary School on June 4, 2010. He was 7 years old at the time.

Kyron’s disappearance led to a massive search, and the case remains open with a reward today.

Investigators have said Terri Horman, Kyron’s then-stepmother, was the last person to see him, but she has never been named a suspect in the case.

Last June, Kyron’s mother Desiree Young announced she was publishing a book called “Love You Forever: The Search for Kyron Horman.”

“In Pursuit with John Walsh” has a tip line for viewers to submit information about the Kyron Horman case at 1-833-3-PURSUIE or online at Trained operators will take the tips and notify the proper authorities, according to Investigation Discovery.

Investigation Discovery Kyron Horman

Image: Investigation Discovery 


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(3) comments

Frederick Fukov

I remember when this case first broke, and Terri..the step mom, was suspected to be on oregonlive in the comment section as "red squirrel" attempting to defend the step mom, as the case started to to center on her. I believe that was true..that it was her on there. I always thought that was very strange, and not the way an innocent person would be acting. Honestly, the only way that case will ever be solved is if someone goes outside the law and water boards that woman, until she finally caves in and confesses about what really happened.

Just curious

I agree with you 1000%.


Yes because torture has never once elicited a false confession...

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