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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Large crowds of demonstrators gathered in Portland on Saturday, as had been expected for weeks.

By late Saturday afternoon, the situation had been declared a "civil disturbance" by police.

Crowds began forming on both sides of the Morrison Bridge by 11 a.m. Groups then marched through the streets in the hours that followed.

Police estimated 1,200 people participated in Saturday's demonstrations. Multiple arrests were made as the day went on. 

TriMet altered service on MAX Orange and Yellow lines. 

Police said Naito Parkway was quickly shut down between the Morrison and Hawthorne bridges as the rallies started Saturday morning, before reopening around noon. The Hawthorne Bridge and other downtown roads had been preemptively closed earlier Saturday morning.

Various roads were blocked throughout the day as the marches went on. 

FOX 12 crews at the scene reported that some demonstrators began to leave the area around 1 p.m. 

A large group of people then crossed the Burnside Bridge to the east side of Portland, while many others remained downtown. Police repeatedly warned demonstrators to remain on sidewalks or face arrest. 

Demonstrators continued marching into late Saturday afternoon, blocking traffic at various points and leading to multiple people being taken into custody by police.

By early Saturday afternoon, police confirmed at least three arrests had been made in connection with the demonstrations. By after 3 p.m., there had been at least 13 arrests.

No other details were released about those arrests.

At least one injured person was taken to the hospital, according to police. Multiple others were treated by medics. 

Police said weapons were seized early on from “multiple groups.” Those weapons included bear spray, shields and wooden and metal poles.

Air 12 captured video of a clash involving protesters on and outside of a bus downtown. 

A Portland Police Bureau sound truck advised crowds throughout the day that they needed to obey all laws, stay out of the street and remain in the park or on the sidewalks.

“No violence will be tolerated,” according to a PPB statement.

Officers said people were attempting to "infiltrate opposing groups" as the rallies began to grow. 

Right-wing rally organizer Joe Biggs of Florida told FOX 12 he believed their demonstrations were both peaceful and successful. He said his group spread the word to head home early in the afternoon. 

Protesters on each side of Saturday's demonstrations said they believed the city and police showed favoritism to the other side. 

Police said bottles were thrown at officers during the demonstrations Saturday. 

Police and city leaders had been preparing for weeks for dueling rallies and demonstrations in downtown Portland. President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday that, “Portland is being watched very closely.”


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(6) comments


Even KGW reported that the righties went home early and the lefties attacked the righties on the bus:)


Caught on tape and even shown on this page of antifa busting up bus as the PB try to leave. Nothing done, so fair treatment given by the police there huh Ted Wheeler?


I want blame this entirely on the media for promoting this!


KVLA reporters are directing ANTIFA on direction of travel of right wing groups walking


Amazing how many news outlets are bias, tons of left winf like CNN, I was watching a live feed of KVLA and the reporter has himself surrounded by a moving group of ANTIFA people all decked out in riot gear, what happen to the good old days when news was news and not an extension of news agencies money and political thoughts, to me that is not news anymore and those groups should lose all the credentials which are afforded to true news reporters and agencies.


If u have to have a permit for the event why did u allow both on the same day? And if one group doesnt have a permit then they should be arrested for illegal gathering.

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