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SALEM, OR (KPTV) - Kids use Wi-Fi all the time for their studies, but does that constantly expose them to electromagnetic radiation?

That a question some lawmakers want to find out and was the center of a hearing in Salem on Wednesday.

Senate Bill 283 involves two parts:

First, the Department of Education would have to make a statement available about potential health risks for kids at schools because of the Wi-Fi.

The second part would involve the Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority looking at studies done about the health risks and come up with a report by Sept. 2020.

They would conduct a review of peer-revised, independently funded studies of effects of exposure to microwave radiation in schools and similar environments.

Those for the bill said there have been cases where students and teachers have had to leave classrooms for health reasons because of the radiation but more research needs to be done.

The American Cancer Society said that this type of radiation can cause health risks but it's not clear if exposure to lower levels can have harmful health effects.

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Husky Loyalist

Here they are - snipe hunting again. Let's see, these mental giants have banned fracking which does not exist in Oregon and have banned off shore drilling which does not exist so now these geniuses are now going after something that has not proven to exist. Great use of time and taxpayer money. Of course, taking care of roads, welfare, bums, etc are not even on the radar. Because real issues are beyond their ability or will to address.

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