People living in Portland’s Lents neighborhood say they’ve had enough with an abandoned home that has been a problem of years.

On Sunday, neighbors plan to gather outside the “zombie home,” which is near Lents Park, for a rally and neighborhood picnic. They are hoping to draw attention to the lengthy process it takes to get a property cleaned up.

David Potts, who lives nearby, and neighborhood advocate Thomas Legg showed FOX 12 the home that has led to problems for people in the area.

The two-story house sits off Southeast 88th Avenue.

Potts and Legg said the home went into foreclosure years ago and since then it has become a haven for squatters. In recent months they say firefighters have been called to put out fires.

The roof of the home is nearly all gone, destroyed by the flames, and the siding is also melted.

A fence has been put up around the house to keep people out.

“Completely trashed,” Legg said. “There was human defecation everywhere, hundreds of syringes, literally hundreds of syringes.”

“It’s really hard to see,” Potts said. “This house is just a blight on the neighborhood.”

“It generated so much crime and issues of safety and livability in the neighborhood, in the park and just the immediate neighbors,” Legg said.

Both say for years neighbors have tried to get something done about it, but feel the process to get a home like this taken care is too slow.

Sunday they plan to hold a neighborhood picnic and rally to call attention to “zombie properties.”

“To let people know that, that there are local residents that care about this and would like to see something happen,” Potts said.

“These problems need to be addressed and it is not just this house,” Legg said.

The city of Portland says the property has gone in and out of code compliance since 2015. They add this takes up a lot of time because of the due diligence the city has to do.

Once the property owner is notified of a violation, they have 30 days to fix it. According to the city that has happened several times at the Southeast 88th Avenue property.

A code hearing is scheduled for the property in August. If the property owner can not meet code requirements then the home will be demolished.

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