Thursday night Libertarian candidate for president, Gary Johnson, visited Portland.

Hundreds of people rallied together to show support at an event in downtown Portland at the Benson Hotel.

Fox 12's Nora Hart sat down with Governor Johnson for a one-on-one interview.

“If Clinton is elected, from day one there is going to be a drumbeat of impeachment, and if she's not impeached with everything that's coming out, then it's going to be four years of a constant drumbeat of impeachment. If Donald Trump takes office, there's a chance that on his inauguration day, he will be in court answering sexual assault charges," said Governor Gary Johnson, libertarian nominee.

With Election Day just days away Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate for president has strong words for voters.

“Neither choice is acceptable - and that's reflected in the polls. Nothing is going to change if you vote for the lesser of two evils," Johnson told Fox 12.

It's a sentiment echoed by Johnson supporters, who attended his Portland rally Thursday.

“I was actually considering sitting this one out, because I couldn't bring myself to vote for Trump or Hillary. They are both one and the same,” said Logan Boydell, a Johnson supporter.

“I don't care for either one of the main candidates, so I just think I had to vote my conscience, and he was closest to my conscience,” explained Marsha Zimmerman, who voted for Johnson.

Self-described as fiscally conservative and socially inclusive - the former New Mexico governor says he knows he's up against political heavy hitters.

Even with slip-ups in the spotlight, like when questioned about foreign policy, he’s hoping voters will look at his character.

“Gaffes are one thing, and we're all human beings. I'm a human being, and yeah I make gaffes, and I also live my life telling the truth," said Johnson.

With time running out, Johnson’s focus now is on undecided voters.

“Two days, two years, 20 years from the 2016 election, you can hold your head high and say, 'You know what? I voted on the basis of principle, and that was the libertarian ticket Johnson and Weld,'" Johnson said.

Johnson also discussed how marijuana laws would change if he took office.

“As president of the United States, I pledge to de-schedule marijuana as a class-one narcotic, which would do away with all the banking issues, and I know in all the states that it has legalized recreationally, Oregon being one of them, banking is a huge issue,” said Johnson.

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