Like father, like son: BMX is in the Cernius DNA


Born in Vegas, raised in Ridgefield – Caiden Cernius is a showman.

The 7-year-old has his own Instagram feed and YouTube channel, @caidenbmx.

The kid learned everything he knows on two-wheels from his father. FOX 12 hit the park with the two Cernius men ahead of rolling to a famous action sports camp in Woodward, Pennsylvania.

BMX is in the Cernius DNA.

“He’s kind of taking on where I left off, not by design, but it kind of worked out that way,” Brian Cernius, Caiden’s dad.

Dad’s love of bikes is still there even though 36-year-old Brian’s last ride came in 1997.

“I am a T7 paraplegic,” he said. “I basically came up short on a big double and broke my back.”

Seven-year-old Caiden is normally the youngest and the best in the bowl and on the track.

“Those people over there are impressed with me,” he said. “My dad helps me with my tricks and that helps a lot.”

“Caiden loves his bike,” said Brian. “There has been literally probably three days when I've had to encourage him to get on his bike. Other than that, I can't keep him off of it.”

“I like riding with my dad because he is my number one fan,” Caiden said.

On a balance bike at two, pedals by three – it took young Caiden just a couple of months to conquer his patented 360 move.

“I tried my 360 56 times in a day and that was the perfect time to land it,” he said.

That practice makes perfect on the soon-to-be second grader’s custom bike.

“My bike is special because it is the only 14-inch bike in the country,” Caiden said.

It has a one-of-a-kind hand fabricated picture of his best friend, his French bulldog Maddie.

Caiden also has some big dreams.

“I want to do the X Games because you get to meet more people and kind of play around,” he said.

Freestyle BMX is coming to the Olympics too and is something his father of the ‘80s could have only dreamed up growing up in Monterey, California.

“Just like Caiden, I was out every day riding my bike but the difference is, I was jumping off loading docks or riding in parking garages, digging trails out in the forest, anything I could ride I would,” said Brian.

When asked if her son’s jumps freak her out, Caiden’s mom Lisa said, “It did in the beginning, but now that he is older, he is pretty calculated in what he does. I can trust his judgment in what he does in his tricks and all of his jumps that he does. I just trust him.”

She added, “For him to be able to bond with Caiden over something that he did as a child in his childhood, it makes me really happy to see them work together.”

Dad and mom compete as well. Lisa runs quads and Brian has custom fabricated hand controls in his utility task vehicle.

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