Local bar rewarding customers if they’ve received COVID-19 vaccine

Image: KPTV

VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) – Different companies have announced incentives for getting your vaccine and a bar in Vancouver is getting creative.

As long as you’re coming in for food or a drink, customers at Vault 31 Bar can get a free Jell-O shot if they are vaccinated. According to owner David Kaulitz, all you have to do is bring your vaccine card or a selfie. The bar only started this a few weeks ago, and they’ve already received an incredible response.

“It has been so amazing and so reassuring to see how many people are coming in that are excited to show their card. It’s like they’re holding up trophies, it’s the coolest thing and just the glow on people’s faces that it’s here people are getting vaccinated,” said Kaulitz.

He says community is so important to them and this is a way they wanted to give back and say thank you for supporting them throughout this tough period for small businesses.

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(7) comments


I can just imagine that in a few years some paid non-attorney spokesperson will say "If you or anyone you know were given vaccinations during the pandemic, you too could be eligible for compensation..."

Son of Fukov

"It’s like they’re holding up trophies"

Virtue signaling is what this is all about. Since the pharmaceutical companies have no liability for vaccine side effects, will your business assume that role if I follow your advice and get the shot?

Moved on

not a drop in 6 years.i'll pass


I would expect this kind of NPC activity from a place that has a "Fallout" theme... Everyone disliked that!


I will pass. [beam]


No thanks.


Wow! A free Jell-O shot in return for taking the 'jab'? Hard pass on this nonsense.

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