PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The past couple of months have been gut wrenching for the West family as Bill West is waiting for a double lung transplant after battling COVID-19.

West was first diagnosed with COVID-19 in April. He was admitted to the hospital for treatment but then things took a turn for the worse.

Local man waiting for double lung transplant after battling COVID-19

Image: KPTV

“His lungs are scarred, there’s too much inflammation and they cannot recover,” said Helen West, Bill’s husband. “I mean he needs a lung transplant. He’s struggling for his life and it has changed our life forever.”

Helen West said her husband wanted to get vaccinated but by the time he contracted the virus it was too late.

“By the time he was going to do it he was already sick,” she said.

Now, she’s urging everyone to get their COVID-19 shots as soon as possible if they haven’t done so already.

“It is not something when people get COVID should take lightly,” she said.

When Bill West does get the transplant, the family will have to move either to Seattle or the Bay Area for the procedure and treatment.

The family does have a GoFundMe set up to help pay for the medical costs and moving expenses.

Despite it all, Helen West said her husband is still in good spirits.

“He’s very strong he hasn’t complained once,” she said. “He’s so kind to the nurses and everybody and he thanks everybody and every time his machine goes off he says ‘Thanks buddy, thank you.’”

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Mrs. West, thank you for providing details and clarity which add context to you and your family's story. I hope and will pray for a full recovery for Mr. West, and will continue to follow his progress. God bless you and your family.


Truly a heart wrenching story, and I truly feel compassion for the family. So many facts omitted that are pertinent to the story though. How old is Mr. West? Any underlying conditions? Dependant on those factors, how typical is his predicament? I notice the article highlights the family's plea to everyone to get vaccinated ASAP. If this is an otherwise healthy man under 70, is this more typical than those who have reported cardiac issues after being vaccinated? I think these are fair questions that would have prevented this article from the appearance of propaganda.


Yes. I immediately wondered if he had a history of lung disease, or, smoked. But like all the CoVid "news" articles it reads as pure fear-based propaganda Is journalism dead?


Bill has no history of lung disease nor smoked.




I am the stepdaughter of Bill. Mr. West is in his 60s and has no underlying conditions or smoking. He was a healthy hard working man before getting hit with covid


Rgh1970: Thank you for your compassion...I appreciate hearing opinions on what was reported.I too, believe that many of the relevant pieces to this story are not available to the public. To answer the questions asked in your post, my husband is 62 years old, he had no underlying conditions. His doctors told him he was "effin unlucky" and he had no cardiac issues. I believe this is not propoganda but a true story of someones fight to live... thank you for your questions... I harbor no ill will against your questions. Thank you for raising awareness for getting the Covid vaccination. Helen West

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