Local nonprofit believes their food cart was stolen, just months before a big fundraiser

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The local nonprofit that contributes about a million dollars a year to the Portland Shriners Hospital is hurting after they say their food cart vanished. 

At Al Kader Shriners in Wilsonville, there are cars and trailers in the back lot that they use for events throughout the year. But they just realized this week that one is missing, and an important one at that: their red food cart.

“We’ll cook ribs and loaded baked potatoes, it’s very popular,” Potentate Todd Weedman said.

It’s what they take to one of their biggest events of the year, the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest. 

They raise thousands of dollars there for the causes they support, most notably for the Portland Shriners Hospital for Children. 

“We got to have it, you know, it’s a major part of our fundraising,” said Carol Pratt, chair of the Oktoberfest committee. 

They tell FOX 12 they’ve asked everyone, looked everywhere, and have come to only one conclusion: their beloved food cart must have been stolen. 

“It is disheartening because if they have any idea what we do, I can’t understand why they would do it at all,” Weedman said.

Pratt said, “I cried most of the night last night and today… just praying someone knew where it was or would please bring it back or tell us where it’s at, so we can go get it.” 

Now without the cart, Pratt says she doesn’t think they’ll be able to go. They’ve already put so much money into fixing up the cart they had and she doesn’t think they’ll be able to get a new one in time for the event, which is in September. 

“I’m heartbroken. I mean, we can’t afford a new one, you know. We have $15,000 into it and we just can’t do another one, so I don’t know,” Pratt said. “You know, it’s all up in the air right now.” 

Now, they’re just doing whatever they can to spread the word in hopes that someone might be able to find it and return it. 

The food cart’s license plate number is U318401.

They say they filed a police report, and they’ve been posting pictures on social media just in case anyone has any information.

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