CLATSKANIE, OR (KPTV) – Hundreds of local workers are working around the clock to make some products that are in high demand right now: toilet paper and paper towels.

Georgia-Pacific has facilities across the country and including a distribution center in Portland and the more-than 55-year-old Wauna Mill in Clatskanie.

FOX 12 wanted to see the mill in person, but like so many places now, visits are limited to essential employees only, so they sent over some video.

The mill makes Angel Soft bath tissue and also makes Brawny and Sparkle paper towels.

In just the last couple months, officials there tell FOX 12 the demand for those products has doubled, and all of their 750 full-time workers are making as much as they can and shipping things out as quickly as they can.

“We are so proud of our team members. They are working 24-7, they are a hard-working group. They’re very dedicated and very proud of what they produce every day. We make a useful product that people need, and especially now, with the demand as it is, we are very focused on getting that product out the door, onto customers’ shelves,” said Kristi Ward, a spokeswoman for Georgia-Pacific.

At that mill, Ward says they make things from start to finish. So the process begins with wood chips, all the way to wrapping up it and making it ready to be shipped and sold.

“At the Wauna Mill, we’re at capacity also for what we are producing,” Ward said. “We still have healthy inventories in our distribution centers and it’s just an issue of getting the product on the trucks and out to customers.”

The facility is also the leading producer of paper towels for Brawny on the west coast, and a big producer for Angel Soft.

There’s no telling how long this high demand could last.

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(16) comments


Going to get real interesting when people start flushing paper towels.

Delta Bravo

This is just the type of industry that Cap & Trade will drive out of the state. FYI (Journalists), paper mills are by definition 24/7/365 continuous operations.

Given the current crisis, the C&T EO should be immediately withdrawn. Leaving it is place shows NO empathy for the people of the state. Governor Brown (all leftist leaders) has de-legitimized themselves by refusing to follow rule of law. They have allowed populations of likely medically compromised individuals into the state with no oversight and have not followed federal law. Rule of law requires you to enforce the law and legislatively change those you oppose. C&T and non enforcement of laws are despotic tactics. Brown is NOT my governor. I do not recognize her authority. I will follow Federal Law as the only legitimate law in Oregon at this time.

Just curious

I thought all the paper mills in Oregon already bit the dust.

Delta Bravo

There are 3 currently running that I know of. They all provide good family wage jobs and have for years.


Shame on you channel 12. This mill, as most paper mills do, has been working around the clock for decades. Their working around the clock is not a result of the TP shortage. Do not use fear tactics in your reporting.





Deleted my comments? Really?


If Kate Brown and her clowns realize toilet paper is made from trees maybe they will lay off messing with the logging industry.

Nah,on second thought their not smart enough.

KAG 2020 and beyond!


Nice grammar.....NOT!

Terrell Higgs

I must have missed the scientific reports that said our toilet paper supply would be cut off due to this, or any, virus.


I am with you on that.

There is a huge segment of society in our country that immediately went into panic mode - out of total ignorance of fact.

If everyone would have self-educated, and remained calm, there would be no shortages of anything.

Check that: there would have been shortages of the things medical providers need because of the failure of the failed Administration in the White House. That, however, is a separate matter and discussion.


Oh no, a successful wood products company in Oregon. Don't tell Kate Brown or she'll pass emergency legislation to shut them down....Wood products are Un-Oregonian according to Brown Shirt Kate


Gov. Brown is doing an exceptional job in leadership and decisive action. Anyone who does not see that lacks objectivity.

Just curious

FYI, Kate did that right after the Senate closed for the year.


Toilet paper is made from wood fiber...lesson learned!

Just curious

[ohmy] All this time I've been using wood fibers on my rear-end!

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