PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Local students took part in a national climate strike Friday in downtown Portland.

The climate strike started at Shemanski Park with a rally at 10 a.m. The students then marched to Terry Schrunk Plaza.

Students say they want to reach city leaders, and emphasize that climate change is an international crisis and that everyone needs to be on board to fix it.

The event was organized by students from Roosevelt and Lincoln high schools in about three weeks, and students from other schools joined in on Friday.

Organizers say this is a continuation of the climate strike from September, but say this strike is focused on indigenous and front-line communities.

Students say it's a crisis that hits close to home.

"This is really personal. Our community - particularity Roosevelt - because we have a lot of indigenous, Pacific Islander students. And that's why we're here today. We need the city's help, we can't doing this if everyone is not on the same page, it takes everybody," said Roosevelt senior Chiarra Bettega.

"We want people to know climate change is a real issue. Climate change isn't an issue we can solve in the next 10 years. It's either now or never," Akash Sharma, a senior at Roosevelt, said.

At the end of the march, students planned to present their demands to the city.

Portland police said the students did have a permit to march, and asked drivers to be alert of any students in the downtown area.

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(7) comments


"climate change is an international crisis and that everyone needs to be on board to fix it."

"Fixing it" is a unicorn idea...does not exist. The fact is, science shows the climate is changing, yes. That science does not however include any reliable evidence linking human sources of co2 with measurable climate change. Thus, it is unlikely humans can do anything to alter this inevitable climate change. Trying to "fit it", then, is foolish, irresponsible, and wasteful. It is very disturbing students have been mislead on this subject. They are our future.

Just curious

I suppose when they finally wake up in their adult-hood they will realize how foolish they were.


Nice to see the taxpayers money being spent in such a ‘useful’ manner. Bear this in mind the next time the Portland Public School District begs hat-in-hand for more money.


Makes you love ignorant School Teachers! Every one will come out of School a Democrat! No A.B.C. Just leftest Politics.


These "climate scientist" activists need to be in school!


I think the focus that this Climate Change issue needs to focus more on what really can be done. In Oregon the forest are being clear cut more and more every day. Our State Government allows this practice. This causes Climate Change but is rarely mentioned. The Coal Trains are rolling hundreds of cars a day through the Columbia Gorge going over seas where little pollution controls are used. A large percentage of the trees that are harvested go over seas in turn taking away lumber mill jobs. Forest can be managed in a friendly manner that allows some harvest, but does not leave the ground torn up with no cover. The focus that we can really act on should be to stop exporting Coal to these countries that use it with no regards to the environment and change forest practices, before all of our forest are gone. So, youngsters focus more on what can be done now.

Just curious

I feel the same way you do on this climate change.

We need to stop the slaughter of all forests.

Sure wish those kids would have shown up at the Hillsboro Meeting where the local people are trying to stop the slaughter of over 300 trees on Jackson School Road.

Hillsboro transportation wants to make Jackson School Road a main arterial Highway into the downtown Hillsboro main shopping stores on Main Street. And guess what ,"They are getting away with slaughter."

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