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SALEM, OR (KPTV) – On Monday, Oregon lawmakers passed a resolution that some might say sweetens a sour note that was struck with the state song. Now, the lyrics to “Oregon, My Oregon" have been updated.

Let's take a look at the changes: Instead of saying "Land of the Empire Builders, Land of the Golden West; Conquered and held by free men, Fairest and the Best,” the song now says "Land of Majestic Mountains, Land of the Great Northwest; Forests and rolling rivers, Grandest and the best.”

Learn more about the campaign to change Oregon's state song:

Critics felt the old lyrics carried racial and oppressive undertones.

The new lyrics were written by local music teacher, Amy Donna Shapiro, who said she was shocked by what was in the original lyrics, and what was left out. “I thought the white people came and killed the Indians in order to take the land and that they were the fairest and the best-- the ones who did the conquering, and I just didn't agree with that,” Shapiro told FOX 12. “There were no words about mountains, rivers, or trees at all! Which, I didn't understand, I couldn't believe.”

Shapiro said she first heard the original state song when she was asked to teach it to some of her students, and she knew right away after reading the first couple of verses that the song needed an update. FOX 12 asked her what kind of reactions she's received about the song changes, and she said the comments have been very positive.

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(9) comments


I know every word. I learned it as a child and have always loved it. I don’t care what names you call me. Name calling is what you do. The Oregon song will never be changed for those who love and remember it.


How many of you whiny snowflakes cared about the song before the lyrics were changed? How many of you even knew the lyrics?

You're all bunch of whiny crybaby losers and should be ashamed of yourselves.

Delta Bravo

Is there a separate verse about burning, looting and selective law enforcement?


[thumbup] Exactly


Oregon always making sure to deal with the top priorities only.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Well that's two minutes I wish I would have back. How many people in Oregon even know about or care about the "State Song?" I mean, especially when we're talking about the most unpatriotic group of people in the world (Oregon liberals.) Think about it. It took a music teacher, dusting off an old book of songs that probably hasn't been opened since the 50s, to even find it. Yeah, great job get a gold star.


How about working on REAL problems demonrats? Like a city that is burning down due to a feckless mayor? Oh is that too complicated for your little brains to comprehend?


Oregon state song has been around for how long with zero issues, complaints and problems about it? And to the dumbocrats, it has become a problem of such earth shattering importance that it just had to be changed? Did they even bother to ask the people of Oregon what they thought about it, and if it needed to actually be changed?


I totally agree

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