PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The pandemic has taken a concerning turn, with cases back on the rise nationwide and in Oregon.

You might be wondering why cases are climbing when a quarter of the state has been vaccinated. Oregon health officials say there are several reasons: COVID-19 fatigue, loosening restrictions, and new variants in the state are among them.

“As the case counts go up right now, we will see more and more cases in the community,” said Dr. Bukhosi Dube, a senior health advisor for the Oregon Health Authority. “That may lead to a fourth wave if we don’t practice the Covid protective behaviors.”

Dube told FOX 12 they’re not close to recommending any type of shutdown to the governor’s office again. He said Oregon’s still about 75% lower than its peak case count. However, he said the rise is concerning, and we’re far from herd immunity.

“Last week…we reached one million doses being given to Oregonians. To reach herd immunity or community immunity, we have to reach about 80% of the population being inoculated,” said Dube.

Loosening restrictions, new variants among reasons why Oregon's COVID-19 cases are climbing

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In terms of the new variants in Oregon, Dube said OHA hasn’t seen high enough numbers to say the rise is directly related to the case growth. He does say, though, that they are contributing to the rise.

Officials continue to track the numbers to make sense of the data. They ask people to continue taking safety measures like wearing your mask and keeping your distance from large groups.

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(2) comments

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Look, how 'bout reporting the truth for a change? Oregon cases aren't still going up because of variants. It's because of stupid people who won't wear masks, won't social distance, won't use common sense, and won't be vigilant about their health and hygiene.


Then evolutionary pressures should keep that population in check by decimating their numbers. It's all about survival of the fittest, which is why the Darwin Awards are *still* being given out. Let people find their own way out, and let nature take it's course.

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