PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A Portland man will reunite with his cat Tuesday after the animal went missing about five years ago.

The cat, Sasha, was found in wandering the streets in Santa Fe, New Mexico about 1,200 miles from Portland.

Sasha’s owner, Viktor Usov, says he thought he’d never see his cat again and was surprised to receive a call from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

“Obviously, I was shocked,” Usov said. “When he first went missing, we thought probably a coyote had gotten him.”

The animal shelter says Sasha was found wandering the streets with no collar. The cat’s microchip traced Sasha back to Usov in Portland.

“We got the call and I was like, you know, it doesn’t sound too surprising,” Usov said. “He was very adventurous. He probably went on an all-American adventure. Saw the Grand Canyon, Crater Lake, the monuments, who know.”

During his journey, Sasha gained weight, the animal shelter says.

“Sasha loves food,” Murad Kirdar with the Santa Fe Animal Shelter said. “Sasha’s gained a lot of weight, is about 19 pounds, very heavy.”

Sasha’s owner says they lost the cat when he was probably just an adolescent.

Sasha will fly into Portland to be reunited with Usov Tuesday night.

“We’ve never heard a story like this before,” Kirdar said. “I mean, for a cat to travel 1,200 miles and for the guardian to think that the cat was just gone indefinitely, it’s a great, happy story. And in this day and age, we need happy stories and this is definitely one of those.”

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