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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A Lyft ride last Sunday ended with two calls to 911, and the rider is a Portland City Councilwoman.

Richmond Frost said he was picking up a rider like any other day on November 1, completely unaware he was on his way to pick up Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty.

"I had just dropped somebody off in Vancouver, got a call, it was about 23-24-minute route up to ilani," Frost said.

When Frost got to ilani is when the confusion began.

"It gave me a location which was literally the front door, which is kind of what recall the last time I was up there, that's the way it was dropping pins. Well, as it turns out, she wasn't there. She was in a different location, kind of around the backside in an area I wasn't familiar with," Frost said.

As a Lyft driver, he has to wait at the pick-up spot for five minutes before calling the driver — in this case, Hardesty — to give them one last chance to hitch a ride. After he explained the mix-up to Hardesty, they took off. But, just a few minutes into their ride and another hiccup.

"I got my windows cracked. That's what drivers are doing right now because of the COVID," Frost explained.

He said she was too cold.

"She goes 'no, you're going to put that window up. So, I said, 'I'll tell you what, I'll crack it to just a pencil size, and that's literally what I did," Frost said.

With tensions rising over the cracked windows and more than 30 minutes left in the ride, Frost said he decided to end the ride so she could get another Lyft.

"So, I saw the big old Chevron station coming up at the next exit, it was lit up really brightly like a football field. I thought, 'there's a spot. I can drop her off there; it's well-lit,'" Frost said. "She's saying 'well no, you're not going to take me there, you're either going to take me back to the casino or you're going to take me to my destination.'"

Frost said because she refused to get out of the car, he called 911.

"I canceled the ride, so she's no longer, you know, involved or engaged with me. She's refusing to get out of my car," Frost said in his 911 call.

In return, Hardesty also called 911.

"I'm not going to allow him to leave me on the side of the road. I paid for a ride, and he canceled it. He canceled it. So I'm just going to sit here until he gets me another ride," Hardesty said in her call to 911.

Frost said he couldn't order her another ride because that must be done by the rider. After several minutes on the call with dispatchers, the situation came to a close.

"Another Lyft car pulls up, literally almost correspondingly with the cops walking up to remove her from my vehicle, or at least ask her to," Frost said.

He said he's done more than 18,000 rides, and to him, this was just a bad ride that could've happened to any other Lyft driver.

Fox 12 has reached out to Hardesty's office multiple times to comment on all of this, but she has not responded to that request.

We did get a statement from Lyft, which reads:

"The safety of our community is fundamental to Lyft, and we have been in touch with both the driver and rider to offer support."

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(28) comments

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

I've got a question; The Driver had a right to call 911 and ask for what's called a "civil standby." This is when there's a disagreement or some kind of problem, and one person fears possible reprisal from one or more others. Civil Standby is often used when one party is retrieving personal items after a domestic dispute. In this case, "Predator's Sister" would not leave the Lyft driver's vehicle. If he tried to physically remove her, then she could have him charged with assault. So he did the right thing. But she, on the other hand, abused the 911 emergency line by calling it when there truly was no emergency on her part. She should be charged for that, but of course, she won't, and why? Because she would of course hire Johnnie Cochran, and well, you know the rest.


Moral to the story; If you're a Uber or Lyft driver and get a ride request from a "Jo Ann", take a hard pass.


Shell be voted out. Even the most hardcore PDX liberals are getting tired of her.


Hahahahaha! What a pathetic hypocrite.


She wants to abolish the police, but had no problem calling them herself? This after harassing the driver over a cracked window? Jo Ann Hardesty is an arrogant, entitled, jerk. Just what you'd expect from her. I'm sure she'll be claiming it was race based any minute.


You stated it perfectly


Any bets that this will be the last we hear of this incident? The goofies must have been too busy celebrating to get out ahead of this one with the cover-up:)


'Lyft driver recalls recent ride with Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, which ends with two 911 calls' <> 911 what's your emergency? I'm Jo Ann "I hate the police and everything about them" Hardesty and a Lyft driver hurt my Feelings <> 911 "click", as in hang up on her.

Eliza Cassan

She plays the race card in 3...2...1...

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

She already played it. You need to read the Pamplin story.


Way to beat up on a guy trying to make a living. She was 100% wrong and she is too arrogant to realize it. Reminds me of another politician.


The longer version of this story includes the fact she is a regular at the casino. Or did we just skip over that little tidbit.. She is a hilarious contradiction, but hey, we elected her... the will of the people?

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

"..regular at the casino" = Degenerate Gambler


What a Karen.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

So what would the male equivalent be..Carl? Ken? or maybe Kevin? And where did that whole "Karen" thing start..anyway?



Erik Erlow Eeckhart

Just as nasty as she looks. And literally gambling with our money. And what about the virus? She should be staying home, not in a crowded location.


De-fund Law Enforcement! De-fund Law Enforcement!

Oops, wait... I need Law Enforcement.

Wholesale stupidity.


Ack, if I pulled up and saw Hardesty waiting for me..."Run AWAY" would be my first thought. She reeks of mental illness.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Oh you're wrong. I think she's HOT!




She truly does look mentally unstable.


I would have to agree with you on that !!

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

You CAN'T make this stuff up.

Racist police hating Portland City Council member Jo Ann Hardesty calls 911 for police service.


Not just police service. Police service because she got in an argument with a ride share driver because he wouldn't roll up his window. What a tool.


The Queen of Hypocrisy!!!!!


For Police service over incident she created and to which Polices only legal reaction to would have been to remove her - by force of necessary - from the man's vehicle.


Anarchist in civil servants' clothing....

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