PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A 22-year-old man is accused of punching three total strangers in separate attacks in north Portland on Saturday.

One of the victims, Christian Moore, said he was working at his grandfather’s upholstery shop, when he decided to take a quick break to walk his dog.

He told FOX 12, he was near North Lombard and Greeley Street, when he saw a stranger running toward him.

"I kind of picked up the pace because that didn’t seem normal," he said. 

And, he said, moments later, "I looked back one more time and his hand was in my face."

According to Moore’s grandfather, Lannie Kiehn, the punch brought Moore to his knees. Kiehn was back at the upholstery shop when it happened.

He said when his grandson walked in the door, "He was bleeding all over the place."

The punch broke Moore’s jaw. Kiehn rushed him to the hospital, where doctors took an X-Ray and determined he would need surgery.

Moore tells FOX 12 his jaw was partially wired shut Sunday, and he is now on a liquid diet for at least two weeks.

"He’s six-foot-three. He likes to eat and he can’t," Kiehn said.

The upholsterer also said he is without the only helper he has at his shop, Lan’s Upholstery, and he’s getting behind on his work.

But, he told FOX 12, the worst part of the attack is that his grandson can hardly speak.

"He’s a talker. Everybody in the neighborhood knows him," Kiehn said. 

According to court documents, the man who attacked Moore is Brandon Frison, and records show Moore was not the only person he is accused of punching Saturday.

A witness says, less than a mile away, Frison attacked two other men as they walked home from 7-11. One of those victims said he has a broken cheekbone and may need surgery.

According to court documents, the suspect said he punched all three men because they were looking at him like he was an attractive woman.

Frison, who has no prior convictions, is now facing three assault charges, two of which are felonies. He is currently being held at the Multnomah County Jail and will have his next court appearance Sept. 18.

According to Moore, "I’m just glad he’s put away behind bars."

His grandfather agrees.

"We’re no vindictive type people, but at least he can’t do it to anybody else," Kiehn said. 

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