PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A Portland bus stop was destroyed, and a business was left with busted windows after a man went on a destructive streak in broad daylight.

One man said he was working inside his shop when a screaming stranger holding a large metal pipe started smashing through his windows, tearing his way inside.

Steve Swisher said he’s seen some crazy things while working at Small Parts Manufacturing in northeast Portland, but nothing comes close to this.

“It was a trip. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff here on MLK in 30 years, but that was someone with a pipe, swinging trying to come into the window,” said Swisher.

Swisher said the man also destroyed the glass bus stop shelter right outside the shop.

“It literally sounded like a car hit the building, it was thump, thump! He had like a 4-foot piece of metal, like a big long solid pipe. He seemed blank like he was just out of it,” Swisher said.

Swisher said as the man swung a pipe, he quickly called 911 and got everyone inside the shop to safety.

“I grabbed a bar, because I didn’t know if he was in the building. I told everyone to get out,” he said.

That was a good decision, as it turns out, because moments later Swisher said that man jumped inside the business through a smashed-out window.

Swisher said the man threw around tools and broke a few pieces of expensive equipment.

“That’s probably a thousand dollar grinding wheel right there,” said Swisher.

“He probably picked it up and slammed it,” said Swisher while showing FOX 12 crews the damage inside.

Portland police identified the suspect Thursday morning as 37-year-old Dathan T. Hall. He was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on charges of second-degree trespass.

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(3) comments

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Police don't know who this miscreant is? He must be one of those out of state off-the-radar street nutjobs who are attracted here by Democrat policies that facilitate continuing in their mental illness and acting out without consequences. There won't be any hand wringing by Democrat elites unless this guy or someone else dies because a loony tune presenting a credible mortal threat that gets neutralized. Just hand him a roll of 2-ply and turn him loose in downtown to defecate on the sidewalk. Ted Wheeler and the rest of city government are already on track to make the People's Republic of PORKland the New San Franfeces.

Just keep voting Democrat and opposing election integrity and voter ID laws, folks!

That's how these losers get into office.


What does all that have to do with a guy swinging around a metal pipe? It somehow is democrats fault? News flash...there are homeless in every city no matter what state or who is in charge. There are people who are on the streets suffering all kinds of mental breaks that are not always drug related, in EVERY STATE! Clearly they are not doing anything different in those states or the issue would be solved. Stop blaming political parties. None of them have shown they have the solutions from this, and you haven't given any either. Passing the blame does not work, and thinking this will just go away if we elect a Republican wont either. They have not presented any ideas either regarding the issue.


Republicans have blown up our deficits, wealth inequality has worsened with every Republican series of tax cuts for the rich. Voting Republican just adds to homelessness. If you want to blame political parties, then vote to break the two party system because neither of them are currently doing a good job.

Now leaving politics aside, what would help fix all these societal woes? Throw more in prison? America is already throwing more of it's citizens into prisons than any other developed nation? That seems wrong for a "land of the free"

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