VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) – What started as reports of a man sleeping in a parked car turned into a wild series of events in Vancouver over the weekend that included a police chase and an attempted carjacking.

Two weekends ago, Brooke Young says she had just gotten back from Walmart and realized her license plate was gone.

She lives in Roseburg and little did she know that stolen plate would end up on a stolen car from Portland in a series of crimes in Vancouver.

“That’s crazy and scary. I did not think it would get all the way up there either,” Young said.

According to court documents, on Saturday evening at Frenchman’s Bar Park, bike patrol was alerted to a man sleeping in a running car. Officers discovered it had stolen plates and suspected the car was stolen too, so they requested backup.

An officer pinned the vehicle in with his car and put stop sticks under the front tires, but police say the driver – 32-year-old Joshua Derrick – woke up, didn’t adhere to officer’s demands to get out of the car and instead rammed the police car with officers just on the other side with such force that one officer says it moved him backwards.

Court documents show Derrick sped out of the lot with “complete disregard for human life”, almost hitting a park attendant in her car. That resulted in a police chase with Derrick driving more than 105 miles an hour and even into oncoming traffic.

According to the court documents, he lost control of that car and ran off while trying to rob another driver’s car.

“He stole the car, then stole license plates and was trying to steal another vehicle after hitting a police car, so it doesn’t sound like he’s in his right mind to be fair, and I’m sure he has a record,” said Young.

FOX 12 found he does in fact have a record, and we’ve reported on his crimes in the past, including stealing cars, trying to get away from police, and drug charges already this year.

This weekend, Vancouver police say they also found a handgun in the car Derrick was driving, shaved keys, meth, a fake gun, tools for stealing cars, and even currency from the Czech Republic in a long list of items.

Derrick is now in jail on several related charges and federal warrants.

Late Monday, FOX 12 heard from Derrick’s sister who wanted to add to the story, saying that her brother has a drug problem but is not normally a bad person.

She wants people to know her family is embarrassed and disappointed in his actions and that he needs to take responsibility for them.

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Frederick Fukov

Sorry Roseburg victim and Josh's sister. "Not in his right mind," and "normally he's not a bad person," really do not matter. Dude rammed a cop car, drove into opposing traffic at 105 mph, steals cars, robs people, has a handgun and other weapons, and he's hopped up on meth. He's a danger to the rest of us. He finally needs to do some serious prison time, get clean and sober..take on his mental problems while incarcerated, and make the most of his second chance in at least 5-7 years, if not longer. If criminals out there know there are weak consequences, then there is little to no deterrent. THAT is the problem decent hard working citizens face today. We have politicians, DAs, and probation / parole officers and parole boards that are just WAY too lenient on dangerous criminals.

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