PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A man arrested more than 100 times for stealing repeatedly from several area retail stores has been sentenced to just over one-and-a-half years in prison, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office says.

Barry Sanders was also sentenced to five years formal probation after he was convicted of two counts of theft in the first degree and three counts of theft in the second degree.

During his probation, Sanders will be barred from entered any Target, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Home Depot, or Winco store for any purpose. If he does, or if he commits any new crime, he agrees to an additional 26 months in prison, according to the attorney’s office.

To encourage the court to give him a lesser sentence and to prove that he will no longer engage in criminal activity, Sanders filed a two-page document with the court.

In the document, Sanders agreed to take advantage of programs presented and available to him and admitted that he has stolen items from stores throughout Portland more than 1,000 times, but was caught less than ten-percent of the time because he is “a talent, professional thief”.

He also admitted that his criminal record supports the fact that he has had “persistent involvement” in the criminal justice system, the attorney’s office says.


5/19: Court docs: Man accused of stealing more than $1,500 worth of meat, detergent from grocery stores across Portland

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(8) comments


Justice system? What justice system? There is no justice anymore, not at least for the average, good, tax paying citizen. This is exactly what coddling the criminals gets us. Until we get the criminals OUT OF OFFICE, nothing will change!


That is a short time behind bars for what he has done. I have a feeling when he gets out he will be back!


He should just be executed. He has already proved to be a worthless piece of humanity.

Frederick Fukov

Oh..I almost forgot the best part. Barry Sanders? Wow..looks like he retired from the Lions way too early.

Terrell Higgs

he convinced the judge to give a lesser sentence. Maybe the judge forgot he did that the last 100 times too


Citizens and merchants are at the mercy of criminals since the justice system (mostly prosecutors and judges) lacks any willingness to hold them accountable.


He was boosting meat, laundry soap, etc. Because they could be flipped easily. It might only been for 30¢ on the dollar. But it moves fluidly. Problem is though that the result of someone so motivated, is the stores react to such losses. Anyone who has shopped at Walmart lately knows, they placed all sorts of stuff behind the glass on shelves, shoppers must wait at a call box near where the items desired are located for staff too respond then be escorted to the front because they cannot simply allow anyone to possess these item until shopper has paid for it. Which is ridiculous. But whatever. Its an insult truly.

Frederick Fukov

What the (rhymes with truck)? Arrested more than 100 times, admits he stole more than a thousand times, and he gets a year and a half..because he filled out a two page document? Oh, but the hammer really comes down next time. They will less than double the term next time. Wow..our criminal injustice system is an epic fail.

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