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COLUMBIA COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - Deputies are investigating a brutal attack on a man in Columbia County.

The victim said he was at a gathering in Rainier Saturday evening when he says a man he didn't know attacked him so badly it's left him with shattered eye sockets.

“I’m that somebody could do this to another person and leave me dead in the dirt,” Gabe Bonwell said.

Bonwell can hardly see his eyes are so swollen.

He's recovering from an attack deputies said landed him in the hospital with severe face injuries.

“All it would've taken is one more punch and I would've been a potato for the rest of my life. Or one more kick or whatever they did to me. I don’t know,” Bonwell said.

Bonwell said he was at a small gathering with friends on Fern Hill Road in Rainier Saturday night.

It quickly turned into a large party, and people he'd never met started showing up.

There were three men in particular Bonwell and his friends believed were there for more than just a barbecue.

“I didn't know them but I did have a bad feeling about them showing up because they just had this feeling to them that they wanted to fight they wanted one misunderstanding to happen or one excuse just to beat someone up,” Karrah Gatten said.

Gatten was there with her boyfriend, and Bonwell

She said there was an exchange of words but then things quickly escalated between the men and her boyfriend.

“I was trying to like mediate pull people off of them and everything and then the next thing I know is my glasses are getting thrown of my face and I'm out cold,” Gatten said.

Gatten said when she came to, she saw her friend Bonwell lying on the ground.

“I've never seen something like that it was like out of a horror movie,” she said. “I just remember waking up and hearing that he's not breathing and then seeing him. I for sure thought that I was losing like my best friend that night.”

Deputies said Bonwell was attacked but he doesn't remember much.

“They’re yelling 'I think I might've killed someone, and they just leave,'” Gatten said.

Then she watched as the man that attacked Bonwell took off.

If you'd like to help Gabe with his medical expenses, head to his GoFundMe page here

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Business as usual in Columbia County. I've seen this sort of thing happen at parties there many times.

Alan W

What is wrong in Columbia County?? Is it the Appalachia of Oregon where the crime rate has to be higher per capita than even PDX? I thought about moving there when I retire to be along the river but the county trends for safety are not good at all....

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

How is it the gofundme link isn't considered "spam"? I'm GLAD it's there, just saying any attempt at posting links would cause a comment to be rejected. Just like Pamplin Media did years ago with specific innocuous words and phrases that dealt with illegal immigration. Fisking erroneous narratives and bogus talking points is not allowed with links to facts. I and others have tried. And it isn't necessary that the gofundme link is in the comments since this site can put in the text of the article. I think Fox 12 just got busted for editorial activism.

My condolences to the families affected by this attack.

I hope all those involved are caught and successfully prosecuted. I also hope the victim arms himself and gets trained on lawful safe concealed carry, correct tactical procedures, and the responsibilities of a CCL holder He should also become a member of the United States Concealed Carry Assoc. (USCCA). They provide first class training, education, and legal assistance along with other perks. I would post the link for the USCCA but that would be considered "spam" by the SJW Reed College interns. But you can find the link to the USCCA on Google.


Its interesting that they did immediately post the gofundme link like this to a story that has , at least two sides, probably more in this case, but they only tolf two versions of one side. I think theres more to this than simply some rowdy guys showed up to a private party and grabbed some innocent dude and tried to straight kill him because they just had to tune someone up. I'v had my face (eye socket) broken. I woke up in hospital with police Standing around the bed asking id I could tell them what happened. I believed I was thrown into a street and I recall as I rolled up to my hands and knees I saw a vehicle license plate in my peripheral vision and I said "I think I got hot by a car". The cops close sed the little notebooks and told me that didn't happen. According to witnesses who stayed on scene and who called for help,, the guy who jumped me from behind as I was struggling with a third guy and threw me out into roadway then ran up to me as I was regaining my bearings, and like a field goal kicker, kicked me right in my left eye. Hr ultimately was charged with attempted murder, as he had done the same thing to another person previously. The doctors told my family, 60 more pounds of pressure and I would not have survived. I think it wise that people await to hear the other side of this story before opening our wallets .





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