Man charged in SE Portland hit-and-run crash that killed sisters appears in court

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The man accused of killing two sisters in a hit-and-run crash in southeast Portland made his first appearance in a Multnomah County courtroom Wednesday afternoon.

Antonio Montgomery, 20, is facing five charges including two counts of manslaughter in the deaths of 60-year-old Charlene Hauth and her sister, 59-year-old Robin Macready.

The two sisters were in the same car Monday when investigators say Montgomery blew through a red light at Southeast 148th and Powell, hitting them.

Hauth died at the scene and Macready passed away at the hospital.

Police say Montgomery ran off and was later found hiding in the backyard of a nearby home.

Investigators say all of that was after Montgomery caused a separate hit-and-run crash a few minutes earlier near SE 162nd and Powell.

Witnesses told police Montgomery was driving between 50 and 80 miles per hour down Powell when he was involved in the two crashes.

After leaving the scene of the deadly crash, police say a homeowner found Montgomery hiding in their shower. They told officers he offered them money in exchange for their car, but when they said no, he kept running.

Another homeowner said Montgomery showed up at his patio door asking if he could come in, then jumped in the backyard pool to hide. That’s where he was ultimately arrested.

We’ve learned he already had a warrant out for his arrest in Clackamas County for driving while suspended and was just convicted in April for attempting to elude. Cocaine charges were dropped in that case as part of a plea deal.

Police say Montgomery was also one of the so-called “Track Suit Bandits” arrested last year after a string of armed robberies. In that case, he plead guilty to lesser charges of unlawful possession of a weapon.

In court Wednesday, a relative who did not want to speak on camera said Montgomery needed to get his act together.

Meanwhile, Brian Hauth, the son of Charlene Hauth and nephew of Robin Macready, told FOX 12:

“I want the community to know the damage this man caused and the goodness he erased from this world. I want the people, especially the judicial system, to be forced to do their job this time by being under the watchful eye of as many citizens as we can muster. I and my family need this man to not get out anytime soon like he did for his last charges. We need no more innocent people dead.”

The family of the victims will be holding a candlelight vigil at the scene of the crash at SE 148th and Powell Thursday at 8:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.

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(4) comments

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Here's hoping an activist judge won't allow a plea deal or reduced charges.

kyle H

We should throw this guy away, Period!

kyle H

I was speaking to a friend last night regarding this case, he and I have both been incarcerated at state, and for myself, federal prisons, and he pointed out that person's like this guy, who is clearly intent upon simply running amok, victimizing our community by any means he possibly can, is precisely what mandatory minimums and three strikes laws were intended to address, when they were passed into law so many years ago. As opposed to what they initially were used by prosecutors for, just another "tool" be which to threaten defendants (who may need some time to decide that they don't enjoy being incarcerated, recognize that it is their own decisions which has resulted in their incarceration, that it is a choice each person makes, which causes them to get locked up,) to compel plea bargains, and to significantly punish anyone who might, innocent or actually guilty, chose to put their luck to the test, as is everyone's RIGHT, make the prosecutor prove guilt. Speaking for myself, it took me 5 years to finally realize I was unwilling to continue my criminal lifestyle, was ready to become a productive member of my community and own my own bs. Problem was, I was only half way through my actual sentence. I digress: this guy has shown over the past 18- 24 months that he is set upon a mission of inflicting harm, upon anyone he may come across. No regard for anything except retaining his immediate freedom, as I listened to him fleeing through SE Portland all afternoon , even though he had stupidly dropped his wallet at the scene of crash. A complete disregard for anyone or thing, except to escape apprehension and accountability for his own actions. It is this type of criminal whom these laws were intended to be subjected to. Protection of general public from idiots and other pieces of garbage who unfortunately we're not aborted who decided their footprint on this world would be in wreaking havoc.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

He won't be able to plea deal his way out of this or get "matrixed" back out on the street now. This miscreant is a menace. This SHOULD have been OBVIOUS to the alleged judicial system when drug involvement was discovered. Idiot activist judges.

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