Jared Walter booking photo

Jared Walter, booking photo from November 2018. 

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - For years, he’s served time behind bars for cutting women’s hair while riding the bus. But now the man dubbed the “TriMet Barber” is out of jail – free to ride public transit once again, and TriMet says it can’t stop him.

Jared Walter, 31, is a sex offender who’s been in and out of jail over the years. Walter has been accused of cutting, pulling, gluing or putting bodily fluids into women’s hair on TriMet buses. 

FOX 12 spoke with a woman who says she was a victim of the TriMet Barber back in 2013. She said Walter tugged her hair, possibly cutting it while she was riding the bus one morning.

“It’s just scary. Can you imagine if I looked back and see what he was doing?” she said.

The woman, who says she’s still haunted by the TriMet Barber, doesn’t want to show her face or reveal her name.  

“I can’t forget about it, I just can’t,” she said. “He was grabbing it multiple times. It really is disgusting.”

Court documents state that Walter is a “very high risk in the community” and should have “no contact with TriMet.” 

“They need to do something, because he’s just going to do it over and over again, just like he’s doing,” the victim said. 

TriMet did create a new policy allowing them to ban riders for life if they committed a “serious physical offense.”

However, that rule took effect in September of 2017. TriMet said the new policy went into place after “Mr. Walter’s most recent crimes on the transit system. As with any other ordinance or law, it did not apply retroactively. “

“I hope they will apply that rule that they made because of him,” the victim said.

The TriMet Barber is now free from jail, with nothing stopping him from using public transit.

Documents show that Walter violated his probation. Then in November, he was sentenced to a year behind bars, but just days later, on Nov. 20, he was released.

“What are they going to do? Are they going to wait for him to do it again? It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen again. You know it’s going to happen again,” the victim said. 

It’s still unclear exactly why Walter only spent a few days in jail instead of serving his original one-year sentence. Probation services with Washington County said Walter is no longer under their supervision, but they could not explain why he was released so early.  

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