Avante Armstead

Avante T. Armstead, booking photo

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A 23-year-old man extradited to Oregon last year was sentenced Friday to 18 years in prison for causing the death of a 22-year-old man by pushing him off a cliff, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office says.

Avante T. Armstead last year was extradited to Oregon from Nevada in connection with the death of Irvin I. Batalla.

Batalla was found dead at the base of a cliff at Rocky Butte in northeast Portland the evening of July 7, 2015. Detectives said the subsequent investigation led them to believe Armstead had killed Batalla.

Armstead at first told investigators he didn’t know Batalla, but a grand jury ultimately indicted him with one count of murder.

Investigators say Armstead and Batalla were acquaintances and went to Rocky Butte in Batalla’s car to smoke marijuana. Once there, Armstead pushed Batalla off the cliff, which caused his death, the attorney’s office says.

Armstead’s criminal history since he was 18 years old includes three felony convictions, five misdemeanors and eight probation violations, according to court papers.

Armstead before being extradited to Oregon had been booked into the Northern Nevada Correctional Center in May 2016 on charges of possession of a controlled substance for sale, according to the jail’s website.

In court Friday, Armstead pleaded guilty to one count of manslaughter in the first degree and one count of robbery in the first degree. Once he's released from prison, Armstead will be under post-prison supervision for three years.

A statement was read in court on behalf of the victim's brother and father.

"The torment of losing Irvin in such a gruesome manner will never end, even after the conclusion of today's hearing," the statement said. "No punishment that they've been given is sufficient enough to repair the damage they have caused us."

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kyle H

Ok. Let's see if we got this thing down correctly. Two guys go up to Rocky Butte to smoke some weed, while there one guy sees the other in a precarious position on the edge of the cliff and so he decides to just give the guy a little shove and dude go over and splat! That is a text book definition of murder. Now he also pled to a robbery. Where that comes from I didn't see in the story, however, if it was because he'd stolen the victims weed or he took the victims car. Because they'd gone up there in the victims car, then we're are no longer talking about a straight murder, but an aggravated murder, which is a whole other ball game. Either way, it was an intentional act, even if he said the weed was so good it caused this guy to believe dude could really fly, I t was clearly evident that he intended to make the victim leave his footing and, if he didn't grow wings, that the act he committed would likely result in loss of life, so, again, intentional act. And they Multnomah County DAs office thinks 18 years is an adequate amount of Justice to impose upon this guy. Sure he didn't blow the guys brains out a or cut his throat from ear to ear, he pushed him off the side of a mountain. What could possibly be that great of a difference to warrant such a light sentence??? It would have been a more informative and appropriate story had it offered some elaboration on the secondary charge of robbery because in those details lie the means for the public to make a decision as to the adequate length of the sentence for such a crime (or even if it truly was a crime, as opposed to being held accountable for just being stupid and messing around, with no malice intent what-so-ever) which from this sorry excuse of a story, we, the general public who these stories are produced to keep us apprised of what our elected representatives are doing on our behalf, as well as alert us to individual criminal acts which we otherwise may not ever think of as possibly occurring in out community, we may never know. But based on what is contained in the story I take issue with the decision maker to explain his agreement to pursue less time then the government seeks against low level drug offenders in some cases.

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