PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - An attack in downtown Portland was caught on camera, and now the victim is home from the hospital and telling FOX 12 about the ordeal.

Adam Haner still has visible trauma from Sunday night’s assault near Southwest 4th Avenue and Taylor Street, in the area where ongoing protests and riots have occurred.

Man hospitalized in downtown Portland attack caught on camera: ‘They wouldn’t let me get up’

Adam Haner was attacked in downtown Portland. (KPTV) 

Haner said he and his girlfriend were downtown to pick up her car, when they stopped at a convenience store. Haner said he saw a woman being attacked and robbed of her backpack.

Haner said he tried to step in between the woman, who he did not know, and her attackers.

Haner said the crowd taunted him, with some calling him a white supremacist. His girlfriend, Tammie Martin, was then shoved to the ground and punched.

Haner and Martin left in their separate vehicles. Haner said the power steering failed in his pickup at Broadway and Taylor, and that’s when he was attacked.

“And before I even got my door open someone was yanking me out and I hit the ground. And then I sat there for a while and they wouldn't let me get up,” Haner told FOX 12.

Man hospitalized in downtown Portland attack caught on camera

Image from video of downtown Portland attack, provided to FOX 12. 

The video posted online shows attackers repeatedly striking Haner, before he is kicked in the head. Haner was knocked unconscious.

Some on social media have attributed the attack to Black Lives Matter protesters, but Haner said that’s not true. He said he has marched in BLM protests.

He described the attackers as street fighters looking for trouble.

“I was just standing for myself as a citizen, and if you can’t do that on a street, then what can you do?” Haner said.

Police identified a wanted suspect in the attack as 25-year-old Marquise Love.

Haner said all he wants to do now is heal and get on with his life. And while he says he has no ill will toward anyone, he says this is part of a change in the community.

“Getting a drink at a 7-Eleven in Portland, Oregon is a different story than it was two months ago,” Haner said.

GoFundMe pages have been set up for both Haner and Martin

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(17) comments


This is why you carry concealed. These people that are doing this are animals, and need to be treated as such. How long is this going to be tolerated by our communities, or have we finally, completely lost our way?


I couldn't agree more! Vote those worthless leaders...especially Brown...out and get someone in that cares enough about Portland and the people living there to NEVER let it go this far. It should have been nipped in the bud1


Time to put a bounty on these domestic terrorists.


That's the point Adam! These people aren't reasonable and they need firm correction. What if you were an older guy? You may not have recovered so well. This bullying has GOT TO STOP and I don't care what their cause is or how legit their beef. The bullying has to go and it isn't a protest against their cause! It's a protest against their behavior! It's violent and inacceptable. Brown may as well be in the bully group for not doing more to put a stop to it.


If he still votes democrat after this, that kick in the head didn't do him any good.


Portland has become a different city than the Portland I grew up in. These incidents need to be halted. Hopefully, someone somewhere with authority to act will do so.


Theguy kicked this man needs to charged with a hate crime nd sent to prison

If it was the other way around u bet thewhite guy would be charged with a hate crime....


racism only applies to white people. only white people are racists

Punished Snake

Just unreal. Admitted blm participant gets brutalized by blm terrorists, goes on to then run interference and defend blm. Utterly pathetic.


when will enough be enough?


Haner should sue wheeler and hardesty for millions along with the city and BLM.

If they want to hold the police liable for doing their jobs those 4 entities are liable too.


I 2nd that motion!


Are you illiterate? He said it WASN'T BLM protesters.


BLM and antifa are the same thing as far as im concerned. these people are in both groups


why so angry maybe you were one holy cow dude!


Doesn't matter what he said. That only matters what is factual. That is these organizations allow these criminals to file in with them until this happens, then they disavow their actions. They are just as guilty as any lone perpetrator.

Frederick Fukov

Look Charlotte..Legitimate protest goes on for a night or two..what's going on now has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with creating havoc to make the current party control in this country..look bad. Somehow, the most radical of the left believe in staging this faux protest and chaos, it shows that Trump's America is out of control. No, not true. It's the far left that's out of control. They are actually the enemy of this country..within. THEY are the ones who need to be attacked, and either caged, or kicked the heII out of the country.

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