PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - In the blink of an eye, nearly all of one man’s possessions disappeared.

Police say FOX 12’s Most Wanted stole Greg West's trailer Thursday.

West says nearly everything he owned was in it.

Now all that’s left in its place on Southeast 49th Avenue and Bush Street are some tire marks and wheel chocks.

Back in February, West packed up all of his belongings into the trailer and moved from Michigan to Oregon.

He’s been staying in Portland with his girlfriend. But after weeks of job and house-hunting, he was finally ready to move to his new place in Salem.

Then the day before he was set to leave, his trailer disappeared.

“It almost seemed planned,” West said. “It almost seemed rigged, as if someone was just waiting for that day.”

In it, were two motorcycles, tools, kitchen supplies, and so much more – about $30,000 worth of stuff.

But it’s missing the items he can’t replace that hurts more than any financial blow; things like his grandfather’s paintings or the package his girlfriend gave him just before he deployed to Iraq.

“It had cards for me to open up under certain situations like open one for your birthday, open when it's Thanksgiving, open when, anything, when you’re thinking about me, when you’re frustrated,” West said.

He got back to the U.S. last year and was thrilled to finally be here with her and get settled in a new state.

This is just a blip for him.

“I guess you get depressed for a little while and then you move on with life I suppose," said West.

He says he'd rather be here with nothing than not be here at all, and he's grateful for what he has in light of what's missing.

“With or without stuff, we still have each other,” he said.

Now he’s hoping someone might find the trailer, and he’ll get it back.

Anyone with information about the stolen trailer, should contact Portland police at 503-823-3333.

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To bad the police fail miserably at every job entrusted to them. And not only do they fail they fail big time. What a shame we shower them with false hero worship and think they put their lives on the line for us when in reality they are nothing more than pathetic and worthless drains on our economy and about as much use as welfare collecting rejects


[sad] Man this is such a blow to this young man.. I feel bad that this has happened to him and pray that someone honest will return it to him with everything intact. He does not deserve this happening to him.
If anyone knows what happened please contact the number listed in the article and or your local police station.

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