Man says he got coronavirus after protesting in Portland for 7 days

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – With crowds of people in close quarters during the protests in Portland, health leaders worry COVID-19 will spread.

Now, a man in Portland tells FOX 12 he got the virus after marching in the streets.

Ethan Snyder says he had been out with protesters for seven days at the beginning of June.

Then last Friday, the 19-year-old started feeling tired and had a fever.

He went to a drive-thru testing facility, and it was confirmed he contracted coronavirus.

Snyder says he was wearing a mask the whole time he was protesting but had to remove it after being teargassed near the Justice Center.

“I was there for seven nights in a row, and there were thousands of people there night in, night out, so that’s what leads me to believe I got it from there, but I’m not 100 percent sure,” he said.

Snyder says he also works at Amazon and may have contracted it there.

He is confident he will be OK, considering his age, and he says the symptoms have not been too bad so far.

Health officials say anyone who’s been out protesting should go get tested too.

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(27) comments


Ad blockers are the way to go people!! Free and easy to use.[thumbup][cool][beam]


I see someone deleted my comment..must of been a libtard snowflake...basement dweller get a life will you???


The only person that has the ability to delete a comment are the employees of KPTV. I do see one other post made using your name. What was the subject of the deleted comment?

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Probably a SJW intern from Reed College. There are some KPTV reporters who do that on their stories too.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

All of the leftist media outlets and Deep State grant dependent institutions are saying that flu shots don't cause false positives for COVID-19.

I suspect those narratives are bogus and this basement dwelling SJW got one. I'm waiting for Korruption Kate to get desperate and start counting road kills as COVID-19 caused when she has run out of alleged "reasons" to keep Oregon under her corrupt command and control thumb. Inside of every "Progressive" is a totalitarian screaming to get out.


Go back to mommy's basement punk.

Husky Loyalist

Poor baby. Maybe if he had acted like a productive adult - like working- he would not have been infected. Suck it up buttercup.


Poor baby. Couldn't happen to a nicer rioter...

Just curious

Wonder how many more will get this disease? Justice?


Too bad we can't control who gets the virus. It should be limited to people like this worthless idiot. If idiots like him die from it, it will improve the gene pool.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Haven't you heard? The Communist Chinese government has engineered this virus to have political and faith targeting, a range finder set at 6 that goes dormant at leftist rallies and riots', and a calendar set to activate during an election year.






Social disease or Socialist disease. Pick your poison.


Since you and your democrat protesters evidently don't have to work, you will hopefully spread the virus amongst yourselves. Depleting the ranks of rioters, looters, antifa and leftists. Darwins reward for defective humans.


Hunh. Reducing police budgets, trying to eliminate oppressive laws, put curbs on the State... these protesters sound more Libertarian than Democrat.

Eliza Cassan

what a dummy, what did he think would happen, I thought lives mattered to these people.


Just goes to show you masks don't help one bit! Doesn't this guy look like one of the guys who started the fires at the Justice Center?


Hopefully rioters continue to get it

Kenny Rogers

It's nice knowing that this kind young man was so considerate when thinking of others who are more impacted by the virus, specifically the elderly and those with a compromised immune system. He went and braved "the cause" for 7 days, and might I say, what a champion. It's also reassuring to know that our news outlets have their priorities in order.


Good now Mommy and Daddy HALF to worry about CORONAVIRUS

Sun Tzu

'Man says he got coronavirus after protesting in Portland for 7 days' Then this person is an idiot.

On a side note - everybody needs to email KPTV at and tell them enough with the 80+ ads between the end of news articles and the comments section.


Totally agree with your side note.

Its especially bad on android phones ,and almost impossible to see the comment without a lot of patience.


If you use an ad-blocker,you can eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, it also strips ad revenue from KPTV. The longer they go without fixing the problem, the more money they'll lose. Once people start using ad blockers,it's rare for them to stop.


Thanks for the tip about the adblocker. I will get on it. And I agree with the others about it being very annoying to get to this area.


One or two ads are fine. But there is an average of 82 ads you have to scroll through from the end of the article until you get to the comment section. Can you say massive overkill? This is why people use an ad-blocker.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

You can also get that on-board feature AND encrypted email by using duckduckgo as your browser.

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