RIDGEFIELD, WA (KPTV) - A man who was hit by another vehicle while sitting in his parked car at a rest area is now looking for his missing dog.

Kyle Nagy says he was eating some food in his car at the Gee Creek Rest Area when his car was hit. Washington State Patrol says the other vehicle hit Nagy as it was driving into the rest area.

“It all happened so fast," Nagy said. "It took me about a second to realize I’m spinning and that I must have gotten hit by a car."

The driver of the vehicle that hit Nagy is charged with felony hit and run.

Nagy says immediately after the crash, he checked on his two dogs. One was there, but other, Gus, was missing.

Nagy spent the rest of those early morning hours searching for Gus, but with no luck. He says he took a break around noon to go to the hospital.

“I had 20 outside stitches and eight inside stitches on my forehead," Nagy said. "I had to get neck x-rays, back x-rays, my ankle."

Nothing was broken, but Nagy suffered some cuts to his face. He says immediately after leaving the hospital he went back out searching for Gus.

He says Gus is a stray dog who spent several months living under his parents' car.

“It took me a long time for him to trust me," Nagy said. "I’ve changed my whole life. I quit my job and started traveling with him and other than today, today’s the first day I haven’t been with my dog in over two years."

Nagy says he planned on leaving Vancouver and heading to either Miami or Austin,Texas. But, since this crash, he’s not sure what will happen next.

“I just bought my car last month and made my first payment on the day that it happened and now my car is totaled,” Nagy said.

He just knows that wherever he goes next, he won’t be alone.

“It won’t be without Gus,” Nagy said.

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(5) comments


I'm sure Gus is fine, wherever he is. He's a survivor. ;)


Good for Kyle Nagy!!! A man with heart!!! I wish for things to go better for him now!!!

Mr Q

this is so sad .. I hope he finds his dog...ALSO .. who wrote this?? did they even pass 4th grade English class?? Have they NEVER heard of proof reading??


WoW! Another hit & run! What is going on? Why so many? Where's the social respect and responsibility we had decades ago? Crazy crazy people around here.

Frederick Fukov

Good call. Libs blame Trump. I blame God. It's HIS quality control department that has turned into an epic fail.

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