D'Anthony Leslie Williams in court

D'Anthony Leslie Williams in court in 2019 (KPTV image)

KELSO, WA (KPTV) - A man has been sentenced to life in prison without parole possible for murdering a woman working at a convenience store in Kelso.

D’Anthony Leslie Williams, 20, was convicted last week on charges of premeditated first-degree murder, first-degree murder, unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of methamphetamine.

Williams shot and killed 30-year-old Kayla Chapman in January 2019, while she worked her regular overnight shift at Holt’s Quik Check.

Kayla Chapman

Kayla Chapman. Photo provided by Kelso police.

Two other suspects, Erkinson Bossy and Nenemeny Ekiek, were arrested early the next month. Investigators said Bossy was the getaway driver from the murder scene and Ekiek was a passenger in the car.

Court documents state the three men drove to Kelso to buy drugs, but they couldn’t reach the dealer and decided to rob a store instead.

Ekiek told police that Bossy and William said, “They did not want to make the driver to Kelso for nothing,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

Bossy and Ekiek previously pleaded guilty to charges including first-degree murder and first-degree robbery. They are both scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 30.

Williams was sentenced to life in prison without parole Friday.

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(4) comments


Too bad he didn't receive a short life sentence on death row.

Roberto Estrello Demar

When you, or a person with you, draws that gun and touches the trigger, your life as you've known it, with all its potential and opportunity, is over. If a person with a gun shows the slightest indication of being a danger to anyone, turn and walk away. Leave the house, the party, the car, the vicinity. It is far better to walk 40 miles in the rain once, than to share a life sentence for the instant consequence of another fool's irresponsibility.


Black man blows away innocent store clerk. Where is the outrage?!?!


You answered your own question.

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