Man swipes packages outside northeast Portland home


A man was caught on surveillance camera strolling down the sidewalk, then casually swiping packages left outside of a northeast Portland home.

Greg Windell has called Portland home for most of his life. But he said recently, his Sabin neighborhood in northeast Portland is changing.

Windell said it was about three weeks ago when someone stole a couple packages left outside his home.

“My wife came home with the kids,” he said. “I want to say it was around 10, it was kind of late I remember.”

Windell said his wife unloaded the car, placing the packages on the ground, and then went inside.

“She got caught up inside with the kids getting them to bed and whatnot, and then came back out I think it was an hour later, and the boxes that she had just purchased were gone,” he said.

Inside the boxes was a coffee maker and supplies to go with it.

“It was my Father’s Day gift,” said Windell.

Thankfully, his surveillance cameras were rolling and caught exactly what happened. The video shows a man casually walking down the sidewalk. When he spots the packages, he stops and then picks them right up.

“Just kind of moved his stuff around and kept walking, like it was set out for free on the side of the road,” said Windell.

But Windell said even what's on his surveillance video doesn’t surprise him anymore.

“I wake up every morning and just assume something will be gone,” said Windell.

The homeowner said recently he’s had his son’s bike stolen by the garage, tools stolen from his porch, and even his car window smashed.

“You just leave something sitting around and its gone,” said Windell.

He said that’s exactly why he installed cameras, something he’s never needed, until he said petty crime started taking over his neighborhood.

“For the first time in my life in Portland I’ve wanted to leave and I’ve never wanted to leave,” said Windell.

Windell said the coffee maker, plus the supplies, cost about $300. He said it’s not about the money though, he’s just hoping the man who took it is caught.

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