Jermaine Massey

Jermaine Massey (Photo provided by Portland law firm of Kafoury & McDougal)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A man who claims he was racially profiled in the lobby of a DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Portland last year has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Lawyers for Jermaine Massey filed the lawsuit Wednesday against Hilton Hotels and the DoubleTree by Hilton in Portland for $3 million in damages, and say they plan to increase that to $7 million.

Court documents state that on Dec. 22, 2018, Massey was a registered guest at the hotel and was seated in the lobby speaking to his mother on the phone when he was approached by a security guard.

The security guard asked Massey if he was staying at the hotel and Massey said he was a guest.

According to court documents, the security guard asked Massey to tell him which room he was in and to produce a room key. The security guard then reportedly threatened to call police, "told Massey he was loitering, told him that he was a risk to the safety and security of hotel guests."

Court documents state the manager then approached Massey and informed him that police had been called and ordered him to leave.

Officers arrived and then informed Massey that he would be arrested for trespassing if he did not leave the hotel, according to court documents.

Officers and the security guard escorted Massey to his room to collect his belongings and then "forced" him to leave through the lobby of the hotel, court documents state.

The DoubleTree released a statement at the time, saying: "The safety, security and comfort of our guests and associates is our top priority at the DoubleTree by Hilton Portland. This incident that occurred over the holidays between our hotel and guest is unfortunate. We are sorry that this matter ended the way it did and have reached out to the gentleman in order to resolve this matter. We are place of public accommodation and place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion and our hotel does not discriminate against any individual or group. We look forward to speaking with him.”

The DoubleTree later released another statement on Facebook and Twitter saying the employees involved in this case had been placed on leave pending an investigation.

Massey's lawyers say they've been flooded with similar stories from people who say they were racially profiled at Hilton hotels.

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Lee Smith

What no one is asking in the media is, was he the only person in that area at that time. Look I don't care what color you are if your the only person there how can it be a racists thing. Second that guard screwed up I was an armed guard back in 98-02 and you don't deal with a person as they are automatically guilty of a crime unless it's real obvious like inside of a fenced off area like a construction site, but first and foremost is be polite. A I would wait till he was done with the call (being polite) and mention (politely) that the area he was in is for guests only at that hour and ask (politely) if he could show me his room key. If he did no problem, wish him a good night and go about my business.

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