A Marion County deputy stopped drivers on the streets of Sublimity, but instead of giving them a ticket, he surprised them with a pie.

Deputy Tom Barber was approached by an anonymous donor who wanted to provide 10 pies to be given to drivers stopped for traffic violations.

Barber saw it as a creative way to possibly change some people's driving behavior.

Over the course of an hour, Barber stopped ten drivers and started out the conversation as he always does, saying, "Good afternoon, I'm Deputy Barber."

He then told the drivers why they were stopped. At that point, he changed up the usual dialogue between deputy and driver.

Barber informed each driver the fine for their violation would be a "nice, round figure."

Barber then returned to his patrol car, grabbed a pie and delivered it to the driver.

"A pie in lieu of a citation, it's certainly unique. I had one driver break into tears. I couldn't believe it. I just hope this is a Thanksgiving week that those ten motorists will never forget," Barber said.

Barber has been in law enforcement for more than 19 years. He currently serves the city of Sublimity, as the city contracts law enforcement services with the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

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