MARION, COUNTY, OR - A few weeks ago when that powerful ice storm ripped through our area, it knocked out power for many Oregonians, including Sandy Robinson.

She said her power went out about 4:00 a.m. and a few hours later she saw two teenagers, Tyler Fery and Brody Petterson, clearing the roadway of branches and debris. The two boys noticed that Robinson was scared and took action.

“It was just amazing, and they went out and charged my phone because I only have a cell phone and it was so kind of them to do that,” Robinson said. The boys said it was the least they could do to help her.

Marion County teens help neighbor during ice storm

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“Knowing that she was a disabled and elderly lady we knew what had to be done,” Fery said. “And just felt the need to step in and to protect someone else that probably needs it more than what we did.” Petterson said they knew they couldn’t just leave her.

“She was very scared and of course right as we were getting ready to leave a branch fell right on top of the house, a really loud bang,” Petterson said. The boys told her to call them if she needed anything.

“I told Brody it’s going to be really hard to sleep knowing she’s out there in such very harsh conditions and it really was hard to sleep that night so I’m just thankful that she’s okay,” Fery said. The next day, the boys returned with a hot meal for her.

“I just felt so loved and they gave me a hug when they left and made me feel like somebody cared,” Robinson said. The boys said they’re going to keep in touch with her moving forward.

“I love you Sandy if you’re watching this I love you!” Petterson said.

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Of course the boys helped. They be Republicans !!!!

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