Smokey Portland

Image: KPTV

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Mayor Ted Wheeler issued an emergency order for the city of Portland on Thursday night due to wildfires burning around the region.

The order is related to “the extreme conditions threatening lives and property, including wildfire threats to the city of Portland and the greater Portland metropolitan area,” according to a statement from Wheeler’s office.

While there are no evacuation orders in Portland related to wildfires, the order addresses exceedingly dry conditions, low humidity and high winds, along with smoke from nearby fires, as causing risks and unhealthy conditions for the metro area.

The order mandates that all outdoor parks and natural areas owned by the city of Portland be closed to the general public.

The order also states that those experiencing homelessness shall be directed as quickly as possible to “safer areas within the city to reduce the risk of fire and promote the safety of houseless individuals and their property.”

Additionally, the city will activate evacuation sites for fire victims or those displaced by the wildfires.

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(8) comments


LIL WUSS. His area was never affected with evacuation alerts. They never reached even level 1. He be crying for money though. What kind of person allows a terrorist gang to burn his foyer and force him to move. A WUSS? Vote in a real man. This one is testosterone challenged.


Why is the PC term for everything always at least 3x times as many syllables to say? Bums = Neighbors without homes

Short = Vertically Challenged

Retarded = Developmentally Disabled or Challenged

Blavk = People of Color

Confused = Non-Binary

lue c4

is there a way to tell the difference between those that are homeless due to fire and those that are homeless due to other reasons? maybe they could wear a pick armband or something so we can tell which ones to feel sorry for?


Wow did someone visit the Wizard of OZ and get heart and actually care about the people of Portland? Naw some old Liberal dirtbag!


Threat to life and property? You don’t seem to care that much about threats to life and property with the rioting in Potland.

pb sir

Of course, this emergency order exempts the homeless and the, "protesters" from starting fires. Because in spineless Ted's world, that's OK. But if you're a "regular" person, you can't go into a park, because it's closed.


Maybe this can convince the mayor why the homeless camps are so dangerous. Seems like daily I go by a new one, that had a fire and it got out of control and all that is left, is a burnt area where the camp use to be.


They cause mayhem and set fires. They can stand to breathe the air they created. ANTIFA scrammed after the labor day weekend organized burns. Looks like they are terrorizing Lancaster PA now.

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