PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is publicly responding to violence that occurred during recent demonstrations in downtown Portland.

Wheeler had been out of the country when the demonstrations involving members of a “Him Too” rally and Rose City Antifa occurred June 29.

His staff said Wheeler was providing direction, statements and feedback regarding the protests while he was away.

On Monday, he spoke about the violent incidents.

“They were alarming. They were disturbing and from my perspective they are completely unacceptable,” Wheeler said.

Violence occurred as protesters marched through downtown Portland. Eight people were treated by medics, including three police officers, and three people were hospitalized.

Police said people in the crowd had weapons, including collapsible batons and guns.

Three people were arrested and police have subsequently released multiple images of other suspects wanted in connection with the violence.

Wheeler praised Portland for being a city that has long-embraced the First Amendment, but he says in recent years some demonstrators have taken a dark turn, with people using these events to commit violence.

In many cases, Wheeler said those people come from outside the Portland community.

“They come here with the intent to commit acts of violence, engage in street brawls and at the end of the day, they go home, but they leave Portlanders holding the bag and dealing with the consequences,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler also noted that there were more than 200 rallies in Portland last year, and the vast majority were peaceful.

Wheeler said he will continue to work with law enforcement, community groups, civil rights leaders and others in an effort to curb the violence.

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Your comment will be deleted immediately. Do not bother(this won’t of course)


If Soy Boy authorized no masks He would be outed...


The only thing which is unacceptable is fascists who feel it's safe for them to walk the streets without getting the beating the certainly deserve. Hitler lost the war, his ideology is as asinine as it is defunct. Get over it.


Also need to ask the Mayor and Council why real estate values of condos and other properties in downtown are plummeting and people are getting out at any cost at a time when just the opposite is happening most everywhere else. Ask anyone and you will get the same answers: (1) the pervasiveness of marijuana smoke and CBD particles in spite of laws against their use in designated non smoking buildings, and (2) ever decreasing personal security because of the city's non-enforcement policy against vagrants who intimidate, molest and assault people on the streets and in parking lots and other structures.


You said "Mayor Wheeler responds to violence at Portland demonstrations: ‘Completely unacceptable’ Headline addendum: "Mayor Wheeler does not respond to violence at Portland demonstrations: ‘Completely acceptable’

kyle H

Ted Wheeler is by No Stretch of the imagination any type of "leader". He has his eye on a reelection bid however, so he demonstrares his cowardice here by making no significant comment in his comments regarding these Numerous and continuing events where masked, head covered people associated with Antifa, which should have already been designated a terroristic organization by PPB, but hasn't -again because the shot callers within city government are fearful of the potential backlash of such classification. But it is true, it meets that definition. Considering the assaultive behavior, destruction of both public and private property, the shielding of persons who have committed criminal acts and returned to and been absorbed into large groups of other associates who otherwise would have been viewed as innocent parties, but by their willingness to absorb person's they themselves just witnessed police attempting to apprehend, who become human blockades to police efforts, etc., they have themselves become criminals.., after the fact. There are very simple steps that I'm certain the PPB has suggested to Wheeler, which would bring all of these assaults and property crime to a serious minimum. Make just the act of covering your face or head during one of these events any where in downtown Portland a crime, which during specific events, ( ie: protests an arrestable offense, such as rioting). These miscreants who are so keen on tearing stuff and people up at the slightest opportunity because they simply have a.differing political opinion, will find it costly if they are not eligible for cite and release, but must appear before a judge before being eligible for any type pretrial release, whatever. But alas, this is Portland, Oregon, not Portland, Texas, or even Maine. In this Portland, city leaders forfeit it's citizens quality of life and have them fearful to even go downtown on weekends or evenings even, because they may be attacked by Antifa, or by someone who had just been refused services at the walk-in clinic and suffering a mental crisis.., (which is worse, really). All because of some obscure hidden personal agenda our so-called leaders hold that causes them to exhibit such acts of inaction or straight cowardice when called upon for some sense of direction.

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