September snow is falling at Timberline Lodge, and while that is certainly one huge attraction, there’s another: Bruno.

If you’re not familiar with the long tradition at the lodge, Saint Bernard’s have been used as mascots there dating back to the 1950’s.

These days there are two mascots at the mountain, a boy named “Bruno” and a girl named “Heidi.”

But Bruno is the lodge's newest addition.

He’s 7 1/2 months old and has been at the lodge since he was a puppy, learning to socialize with people.

He technically belongs to Kim Nylund, the ski sales manager at the lodge, and goes home with her every night.

“[He] comes up each day I come to work, and his whole job is for the enjoyment of the guests,” she explained.

It’s a job he excels at.

Tuesday afternoon, Bruno was making friends with a 7-year-old boy visiting from Hawaii for a family wedding.

“He’s a really good dog, he’s really fun to play with,” 7-year-old Christian Mueller told FOX 12. “I got to play with the ball with him.”

Traditionally, Saint Bernard’s have been used as avalanche rescue dogs in countries like Switzerland, but because Bruno is so socialized at the lodge, his sense of smell for rescues leaves something to be desired, Nylund explained.

Luckily, Timberline doesn’t have a propensity for avalanches.

Instead, he’s quite good at licking faces, snuggling and providing four-legged comfort to anyone who visits.

If you’d like to see Bruno, he’s usually at Timberline playing in the snow or warming up in the lodge, Tuesday through Saturday.

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