PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Back in May when we told you about the poor kitten found early one morning by a Hillsboro garbage crew on their route.

He was covered in spray foam and left to die.

Now, little "Lucky McFoamy" has a new home, with the vet who helped nurse him back to health.

We do want to warn you, some of the pictures of lucky when he was first found, are tough to look at.

Things looked grim when the garbage crew first found him.

The eight-week-old kitten was left hanging by a line inside a trash bin.

Barely able to breathe through the foam someone sprayed all over him.

The garbage crew rushed the kitten to the Hillsboro veterinary clinic trying to just give the little guy a chance.

“Thank god for the guys who brought them in because it was a matter of timing," Veterinarian Denise Bredahl said.

Today, Lucky is healthy and has a new home.

"I said right from the get-go if nobody wants him, I wanted him and I got lucky too, and Lucky got me,” Bredahl said.

Bredahl, who works at the clinic Lucky was brought to, was there to thank the crew who first rescued him. She said lucky is loving his new home.

"He's eating, getting along good with the other kitties, growing, and he's just a little lovejoy,” she said.

A great ending for little Lucky, who beat the odds.

Now the three men who saved Mr. McFoamy, they've been honored for their efforts with a certificate from PETA.

As for who did this to the poor guy, there's still a $5,000 reward PETA is offering to anyone who can help find the animal abuser.

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I'm so glad that this kitten got the happy ending he deserves! Now let's find the person who committed this cruel crime because people who hurt animals rarely stop there.


Bravo to the compassionate men who rescued this poor kitten. It's vital that his abuser is found and prosecuted--animal abusers tend to repeat their crimes and target human victims as well.


As we have seen with serial killers...

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