The August family says they would have been fine if the lights were out for a few days, but a week is just too long.



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You should be featuring those in the metro area that are rural. Those of us on well water and with livestock to care for. Not town people. Yes being out of power is inconvenient for anyone but add the need of running a well to wash your hands, flush the toilet or provide life sustaining water for your livestock and you have a much more serious hardship. In town there are far more resources to get by. In order to get water going again after 8 days I had to spend $1k on a second generator just to run the wellhouse and then it’s cost prohibitive to let it run non stop so it’s starting and stopping it to use water. Just to run freezers, fridge, pellet stove and a couple oil radiators it’s $60 a day in gasoline... so there is some perspective for you.

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