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MULTNOMAH COUNTY, OR (KPTV) – Minority populations in Multnomah County, including immigrants and refugees, continue to be disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, according to county health leaders, who gave an update on Tuesday on what’s being done to combat infection rates.

The Multnomah County Health Department is partnering with community organizations to make sure that everybody in the county, including people who don’t speak English or don’t have access to the internet, is receiving the information and updates they need about the coronavirus.

Multnomah County posted a chart online to break down the county’s COVID-19 cases to date into racial and ethnic groups. The chart shows that minority groups are seeing higher rates of infection–particularly Pacific Islanders and Hispanics, whose percentage of total COVID-19 cases is about three times the percentage of the overall population.

Outreach groups are using interpreters, organizing test drives, and getting creative with communication, like using WhatsApp, to reach immigrant and refugee communities for contact tracing or general education.

Advocates say the virus can spread rapidly in these communities because many live in multi-family homes.

“When one person is infected, it’s hard to do social distancing, because some of the family members don’t have any other place to go, so it spreads quickly,” Djimet Dogo, associate director Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, said.

Health Officer Jennifer Vines during the update on Tuesday also took a moment to share a warning about the July 4 holiday, urging people to stick to their households. She said that the fewer people involved in celebrations, the better.

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I say then go back to your homeland. Shouldn't have left if you can't fend for yourself. As a Tax Paying Citizen I don't like paying the way for people that come for the free ride. You earn what you receive. That is the American Dream, not mooching off of others.


So then they need to start wearing masks, washing their hands and stop picking their minority noses


Many are Hispanic , I said it, & they are not stupid, they totally know what the mask & gloves are for but they are not going to think about or waste time with that if they get it they get it and they all feel the same like its good to get out of the way so you can hire mimes & sick them on Hispanics 1 on 1 and you ate not going to make them care about infecting others.


Multnomah is the name of a county, not a reservation. Just get well and get over it.

Eliza Cassan

never been tested so I can't say it's true or not but stop playing the race card


Isn’t using the name Multnomah or any other Indigenous Peoples’ names or terms racist? Sports teams can no longer use them.


So Covid 19 is Racist???


So what.


The left in Portland think minorities are too dumb to care for themselves. It's the party of low expectations


Exactly & they know all about whats up but they don't care .


Hey, poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.

-Biden 2020

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