Police, protesters come together amid violent clashes in Portland

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – While there have been tense moments of clashes and violence in Portland, there have also been powerful moments showing police and protesters coming together during marches for George Floyd.

Video taken outside the Multnomah County Justice Center in downtown Portland on Sunday shows officers kneeling and shaking hands with demonstrators. It wasn’t the only moment police and demonstrators came together in Portland to help spread the message of peaceful protesting.

Another video captured by FOX 12 on Sunday evening near 3rd and Main near the Justice Center shows police and protesters shaking officers’ hands. Organizers and officers were in constant communication to coordinate where they could demonstrate and march peacefully.

Later Sunday night after a couple of chaotic moments, FOX 12 cameras captured protesters speaking with officers through a chain link fence in front of the Justice Center, even passing the megaphone back and forth over the fence.

“So, I want to continue to be honest with you,” one officer said to people in the crowd through a megaphone. “I am one person in this organization, there are multiple people in this organization. I can tell you that the police bureau’s command staff is listening to what’s being stated out here … they’re hearing you … they see how extremely important your message is to the distrust that has existed between the Portland Police Bureau and the community that we try to serve.”

Then, around 11:45 p.m., Portland police tweeted out a photo of Police Chief Jami Resch and others meeting with some of the protest leaders.

The protest leaders asked police to help get the message out that the violence was never intended. Many protest organizers near FOX 12 crews on Sunday night tried to keep the peace, telling participants that they are in this together with law enforcement.

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Terrell Higgs

There is no need for the violence, it's not like there are counter protesters or anyone in fact who does not agree that a unjust killing occurred. A shame the attacks tarnish the underlining message.

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