PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Monday is the last day you can buy or sell flavored vaping products in Oregon for six months.

This comes after the Oregon Liquor Control Commission approved the ban last week per an executive order issued by Gov. Kate Brown.

It’s been a stressful time for many vape shops, as their futures are uncertain, and customers are stocking up, as they’re unsure when they’ll get their next flavored e-liquid.

FOX 12 has been following the impact this is having on Rose City Vapors, a shop in northeast Portland.

Owner Marcus Nettles first spoke with FOX 12 when Gov. Brown announced that executive order more than a week ago to put a six-month ban in place.

Nettles says he’s not sure what he’s going to do to pay the bills. He says he’ll have to get another job, but is hoping to keep the shop open a few days a week selling hardware, coils and non-flavored liquid, as well as CBD products.

Nettles says the ban is going to drive a lot of money out of the state and onto the black market. But he says he’s going to try and weather the storm.

“You know, this guy gave me some perspective, he's like, 'yeah, I won't be here for a year, but I also spent a year's worth of money,' which is great, you know, but I'm not getting every single customer that I had over the year to come and spend that money so I have to try and budget this,” Nettles said. “When there's an opportunity for someone to take advantage and capitalize on something, they're going to do that, you know, it's not hard to get online and order the things you need to order to mix e-liquid. So, if people are doing that without proper education around it, then we know what that could possibly look like.”

Nettles says he hopes legislators will take into consideration what is actually hurting people, which he says is linked to the THC-vaping products.

The Centers for Disease Control says most patients with lung injury cases reported using THC containing products.

He also believes there’s more solutions to limiting youth access.

The six-month ban on flavored vaping products in Oregon goes into effect on Tuesday, Oct. 15 and lasts until April 11, 2020.

Meanwhile, Washington has a similar ban in place for four months.

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(2) comments

Terrell Higgs

Dangers? Tobacco kills millions more, where is that ban?


Every Vapper or whatever call the idiots. Have bought more than enough oil to last them to get through. How much of this oil is going to go bad and make some sick? I have no sympathy. But is not thing to do. Either shut them down or leave alone. My brother quit smoking 10 years ago. But they set there vapping all day. Hacks and sneezes like a worn out smoker. But proud they stopped the Tobacco! Which is worse?

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