CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR (KPTV) – In Clackamas County, a judge ruled that a mother will be able to see her teenage daughter before and after her surgery despite a pending criminal case and a no contact order against the mom.

FOX 12 has been following Kylee Dixon's case since last year, when her mother, Christine Dixon, took her out-of-state to seek alternative treatments to her rare form of liver cancer.

The Department of Human Services stepped in to take the child away from the mother, who is still dealing with a pending criminal case regarding alleged mistreatment of her daughter.

According to Dixon, the months of chemotherapy treatments Kylee was receiving at the hospital did more harm than good. Dixon said her daughter was responding well to CBD oil and other naturopathic treatments, but she said the hospital was pressuring her to put her daughter into surgery, continue chemo, and was reportedly “blocking” her attempts at getting a second medical opinion.

Dixon and her daughter were eventually found in Las Vegas back in June of 2019. Deputies said Dixon ignored a court order requiring that she bring Kylee to the Department of Human Services.

Kylee was then placed into foster care about nine months ago.

According to Dixon, Monday’s hearing was the first time she was able to hug her daughter in about five weeks.

“It’s been harsh,” Dixon said, “I didn’t get to spend Christmas with her.”

About a dozen people rallied outside of the courthouse prior to the dependency hearing, holding signs that said things like “Free Kylee” and “Stop Medical Kidnapping” to support Dixon and her efforts.

Two men drove three hours from central Oregon to be there, telling FOX 12 they didn’t even know Dixon, but felt compelled to do something after reading about her story. BJ Soper was one of them.

“It’s about freedom,” Soper said. “It’s about families having the ability to make their own choices medically without state intervention, without the state dictating to families on what kind of treatment that they need.”

Dixon reiterated that she simply wants what’s best for her daughter.

“All we’ve ever requested is a second opinion, and that should be our right for Kylee, for myself as a parent, to request a second opinion,” Dixon said after the hearing. “And that is still being violated two years later.”

During the hearing, Catherine Terwilliger with the Attorney General’s Office presented reports from recent scans that show Kylee’s tumor still has activity.

A child welfare representative with DHS, Martin McMahon, said multiple doctors have called Kylee’s condition a “medical emergency,” prompting a surgery to get scheduled for next week.

Moving forward, McMahon suggested that Dixon undergo a psychological evaluation and suggested family counseling in order to facilitate reuniting the mother and daughter. McMahon told the court it appears Dixon isn't “processing information” in a way that’s “connected to reality.”

The judge did not order a psychological evaluation or family counseling for Dixon or Kylee and ruled that the two could have one supervised meeting before Kylee’s scheduled procedure, and that Dixon could be with her daughter post-surgery as well, as long as rules and regulations are followed.

Kylee herself stood to address the court towards the end of the hearing, telling the judge that she and her mother “have no problems,” and that her mother is her best friend, “forever and always.” Kylee also said she’s ready for the surgery to happen.

The next court date on this matter is scheduled for Feb. 3.

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You guys could not got this no more wrong kylee does not want surgery,, and if she said she wanted surgery in court it was because she was coerced and most likely her mom was threatened but she didn't say it there's proof of available that she does not want surgery , the fact that you're a news company you would think you'd want to post real news that's factual if you really care about doing that please contact me for the proof, this is so crazy the media could help this girl and her mother just by posting the truth it's a huge story and that you're seem like you're helping cover it up


You got this story wrong please correct Kylee does not want surgery I got proof if your interesting in posting facts instead of speculation, and Kylee did say in open court that she was ready for surgery it was only because she was

Frederick Fukov offense, but is there a cure for the obsession with plucking out every single eye brow and painting in fake ones? I don't care how sparse or uneven or whatever the issue is with one's eye brows; but painted ones just aren't makin' it.

DB Cooper

Medical Kidnapping. Do what the Dr says or THEY will take your children.

historian 1441

This attack on Parent's rights is sponsored by the Medical Industry. Best evidence clearly indicates that today's treatments actually kill you sooner than the Cancer. Alternative treatments have Thousands of case histories showing success with a tiny fraction of the side effects. People on Chemo have a 400% greater chance of developing a more dangerous Cancer in a new spot. Sadly, when they Kill this girl, they will have zero remorse..


Who died and made the AG’s office medical experts let alone parenting mentors? The State of Oregoon has a dismal record of child welfare as demonstrated by DHS on a daily basis.

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