BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV) - A new challenge on popular video sharing app TikTok is sending kids across the country and world to the hospital.

It's called the Skull Breaker Challenge. The prank consists of inviting somebody to be in your video, telling that person to jump, then kicking their legs out from underneath them while they are airborne. In many cases, the victim's head hits the ground.

A Mountainside High School student is on a mission to make these cruel pranks stop after becoming a victim to the Skull Breaker Challenge herself.

Olivia Ross, 14, is a freshman at Mountainview. She said she thought she was getting to participate in a fun video at school about three weeks ago.

"These upperclassmen, these seniors, asked if I would jump for their TikTok video," Olivia said.

Olivia says the prank quickly went from a countdown to a concussion.

"Three, two, one, jumped, then that's when they kicked my legs from behind," Olivia said.

In the TikTok, you can see Olivia's head slam the ground after she falls back.

"I remember like, blacking out for a second and I started to get, like, an instant pressure headache right after it happened and I started crying," Olivia said.

Her mother, Lindsay Zobrist, says Olivia went to the hospital after coming home from school. Zobrist said the doctor was already familiar with the TikTok prank.

"We didn't even have to show him the video for him to know what had happened," Zobrist said.

Type "Skull Breaking Challenge" into TikTok and you'll see hundreds of videos come up, along with a few soundtrack options. Other videos have been posted under "jumping prank" or "jump trip."

Olivia says this inspired her and her family to turn a negative into a positive and help raise awareness about these pranks and cyberbullying.

Olivia started a new campaign and website called Teaching Kindness Matters to encourage kids to not participate in dangerous pranks and be kind to each other instead. She also created a YouTube video with her family to share what happened and why it's harmful.

"Our first project is to try to get school districts to add pranking into their definition of bullying," Zobrist said.

After posting the YouTube video, Zobrist said she started getting responses from parents all over the country whose kids also became victims to the Skull Breaker Challenge.

"One woman who we're in contact with, her daughter broke her tailbone," Zobrist said.

Parents of Mountainside High School were not notified of the incident right after it happened, but the high school principal sent out a note to families Thursday afternoon shortly before FOX 12 aired the story.

The Beaverton School District issued the following statement:

"A few weeks ago at Mountainside High School, some students engaged in an unsafe TicTok prank and a student was hurt. There has been continuing social media regarding this issue that is disruptive to the educational process and insensitive. 

We responded by investigating the incident and reported it to the district's Risk Management Dept. Further, we worked with all the students who were involved in this incident, and for some of the students, there were school disciplinary consequences for these actions. 

We take student safety very seriously and will intervene once we become aware of an issue We have ongoing Advisory period lessons regarding the responsible and appropriate use of digital devices including social media. It is not in keeping with our values at Mountainside to hurt people using social media posts. 

We have asked our parent and community to help us reinforce respectful use of social media and to discourage any actions that compromise the safety of our students."

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(18) comments

Mr pickles

Now I've seen everything. Poor kid, the people who do that need to be.......insert phrase here.

Frederick Fukov

need to be.."arrested and charged with assault?"


A kid reportedly died doing this TikTok “skull breaker challenge” ... a simple search yields some shocking results, even Forbes is covering this phenomena.


What an idiot !!! The parents are just as stupid for posting this all over for everyone to see that they raised a idiot. Now we have to listen to this person tell others not to do dumb things. I can solve all of these problems for anyone the rest of their lives. Here we go so listen carefully. If there is the word challenge in the tittle then don't do it. I just saved you the embarrassment of having to go on the media and telling everyone that you are like to scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz and need a brain.


What an oddly angry response. Why attack a high school freshman for trusting the wrong upperclassmen? For being eager to be included? You never made a bad choice around older kids? Sounds like this family is just trying to spread awareness so more and more children think twice before participating in dumb stuff like this. They’re not forcing anything upon you. Why does it bother you so much?

Just curious

[thumbdown]Why did you call her an idiot? I think she was naive.


You are the idiot! This young person, eager to fit in, was dupped by a bunch of wise assed older punks. At least the family of this young person is trying to save someone else's child from at the very least some embarrassment, and possible death, by a stupid prank, while you do nothing except throw your small brain into neutral and make fun of others.


Good. I want to see more idiots hurting themselves doing stupid internet "challenges." This trend has been stupid ever since it caught on years ago.


That's not a prank, that's assault.


I actually go to the school and this is my opinion on the situation. I am just going to say this, and it’s my opinion. What happened to her was terrible; she got a concussion. I wasn’t present, and I don’t know all the facts and solely saying this based on rumors. What the kids did kicking you under the feet did was wrong, and they know that, and they have been punished for it. Some were even punished for being present for the incident. For you and your family to create a Facebook post, YouTube video, and do media off of it is horrendous and one of the dumbest things I have seen in the last 18 years of my life. I think that girl who got injured is a nice person, however for you to come up to me after the Facebook post and tell me I don’t support what my parents did on the Facebook post and then show up on a video posted on youtube that already has 6k views and going to a news station to talk about it is making you look like the bully. From what I heard is that you knew what was going to happen. You and your family need to stop the posts and press interviews and go on with your day. Your YouTube channel is called Teaching Kindness Matters; what you're teaching is that parents can harass students enough to disrupt the learning environment. It has gotten bad enough that our principal had to send an email about it. Both sides need to settle down and come to a mutual agreement to stop.


She is saying she did not know what was going to happen...who did you "hear" this from? The bully kids?


The “victim” came up to me and told me everyone hates me now I don’t support my parents. And I told her you need to tell them that not just me.


Whew! That was some spectacular reasoning you conjured up there! The mental gymnastics required to conclude that the child in this video/article is actually the bully in this scenario, or that the letter from the school was referring to her parent’s actions (simply spreading awareness so that more kids think twice before participating in dumb social media trends like this one) as “disrupting the learning environment” ... you must be exhausted from bending all of that logic with your mind ... by chance, are you a trump supporter?

Just curious

[thumbdown][thumbdown] What are you angry about?


I hope you are not old enough to vote!

Frederick Fukov

Kid, you need to stay off of adult social media until you grow out of the everything is my drama phase of life.


These kids should have been doing something pushing for cap and trade.

Frederick Fukov

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..that's hilarious. I wish I could sit in a classroom as a "parent observer" about the time some liberal radical idealist teacher started in with their radical liberal indoctrination. Then I'd offer my two cents and the kids would finally get a real education. Then I'd pull the teacher out in the hall and lay into 'em like they've never experienced before. Reading, writing, 'rithmetic, history and a couple of other essentials is what kids should be learning in school..period.

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